New Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Trailer Showcases A Corrupted Monk

Miyazaki and From Software bring us another Sekiro: Shadows die twice trailer, this time showcasing an enemy called the Corrupted Monk

From Software has kept a pretty tight lid on Sekiro content. This is good for us consumers who don’t have to worry about being affected by spoilers of any kind at least. At the same time though, it makes the wait for the release date ever so hard. We did get a recent new peek, however, at another boss fight in this Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice trailer revealed the unnerving corrupted monk to us.

Now while this boss does look pretty scary, we have seen it get annihilated before in this here demo speed run. Pretty impressive for someone who was just exposed to the game.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is From Software’s latest endeavor in challenging action RPG games. Miyazaki continues to bank in on the success of the Dark Souls series, promising a similar if not even more enhanced level of difficulty in the upcoming game. Unlike the previous titles, Sekiro has a Japanese setting in terms of both lore and locale, so don’t expect too much similarity.

From what gameplay details we’ve seen surface around the web. Don’t expect the same strategies you used on Souls bosses to work here as well. Sekiro’s bosses are going to be more unforgiving, mobile and arguably versatile as well.

Even the corrupted monk showcased in this new Sekiro: Shadows die twice trailer is actually much faster than they appear to be. Being that fast while boasting that size? Good luck. Hopefully, we can do nearly, if not just as well as the demo player.

Sekiro: Shadows die twice releases in just about a month and a half. Set to hit the platforms in March. Are you ready for the newest adventure From Software is about to give us? Miyazaki hasn’t let us down so far.

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