New Sea of Thieves Update Brings More Costumization Options

A new Sea of Thieves update has just dropped bringing a bunch of cool new items into the famous pirate game. The Update 1.0.6, is now available on both PC and Xbox One and includes new costume sets, ship customization and of course, rebalances and fixes.

As Rare announced, this Sea of Thieves update actually brings the first wave of cosmetics into shops. They come in the form of expanded sets for the Admiral, Bilge Rat, Sea Dog and Sovereign costumes.

In addition to that, shops in Sea of Thieves now have varying items to buy. As the developers reveal, you’ll have to sail to a specific region in order to get some of the outfits mentioned above. For instance, if you want to grab the new Sovereign set you’ll have to head to the Ancient Isles as Rare indicates.

Ships are also getting their fair share of new content with the Grand Admiral, Castaway Bilge Rat, Ruffian Sea Dog and Imperial Sovereign ship customization sets.

The same sets, except outfits and ship customizations, have their own weapons so make sure to check those out too. As a reward, the “Launch Crew” Eye of Reach special weapon will be available to grab in the shops at the price of 1 gold for 2 weeks.

More minor changes can be found in the Sea of Thieves Update 1.0.6 patch notes like a small nerf to the Merchant Voyages, reposition of the bell on the small ship as well as more fixes.

Sea of Thieves might still be sort of variety of things to do but Rare has made big efforts to start introducing meaningful updates to it. For what it’s worth, Sea of Thieves is the fastest selling Rare game in the history of the studio. This news comes from a recently published NDP report.

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