New PSVR Could Release With Built-In Advertisement Feature

New PSVR patent points to advertisement feature being available in a new model. Is this the next step of marketing for Sony and its VR headset?

A weird patent has been recently filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment in relation to the Playstation VR headset. This new patent is about a function that will show advertisements during PSVR gameplay. This, of course, raises suspicion about the frequency of those ads if this feature finds its way to PSVR eventually, specially PSVR 2.

According to the PSVR patent, a new headset must be devised in order for the advertisement feature to take place. This will include an information processing apparatus that will track the direction to which the player is looking and will place an advertisement in a comfortable position.

The advertisements will be set mainly on the top of the screen in a small popup, much like what you encounter in typical websites. There are several different placements, which will most likely be selected depending on what game you play.

For instance, you won’t be getting an advertisement in a place where your minimap is positioned or in the middle of the screen. Also, the PSVR patent makes word of games, so we don’t know if this includes video watching or internet surfing.

Undeniably, this is a next-level advertisement delivering feature which goes beyond what we could imagine for video games. Players don’t get the existence of ads in video games lightly so if Sony pushes such a feature to PSVR could mean a bold move.

For the time being, we don’t know if this patent will ever make it to the final product. A lot of patents never make it to the public due to poor feedback. However, this points to a new way of advertisements for the PSVR. Games are just diving into the field of marketing with esports being its major market.

Only recently, Riot Games, the developers of League of Legends have added advertisement banners within the Summoners Rift for sponsors on respective leagues. This is a big step in bringing even more revenue for studios which will result in even more games, even if we don’t like the concept of it.

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