This How Sony Possibly Aims To Reduce VR Sickness in PSVR 2

Sony files patent for VR sickness reduction system for possibly PSVR 2. The method looks simple, yet it will make VR gaming more accessible to players.

Sony has registered a patent today regarding PSVR, or most likely PSVR 2, which will reduce sickness caused by the headset’s viewport. The patent is long and includes a big variety of information regarding the project. This is only one of the many patents to surface for the new headset, some of which already caught the eye of gamers.

VR sickness is a huge issue with virtual reality headsets right now. Companies releasing VR headsets can’t provide a simple solution for this issue as it is caused by the user’s head movements against a stable viewport. Sony’s new patent for PSVR2 against VR sickness focuses on eliminating this issue. At least, you’ll be able to see some improvement on that front on the next headset. The solution to fix sickness. Note that the patent is filed in Japanese, so we’re providing only a machine translation of what is mentioned. With that being said, let’s see what this new system will provide.

What the Sickness Reduction system wants to achieve

According to the patent, its investors have studied a method to reduce VR sickness that is caused by the user’s head movements while wearing the headset. With the help of a vibration motor, the head mount display (HMD) will be able to reduce sickness if not eliminate it.

This project is ambitious and it involves delicate assemble in order to work properly. We don’t know exactly how the vibration will work, however, the patent states that there will also be a program associated with it. This will probably let you enable and disable the feature on command. The patent reads:

VR sickness is considered to cause a deviation between the movement of the viewpoint and the user’s bodily sensation in the situation where the moving image representing the state viewed from the viewpoint is displayed on the display unit of the HMD arranged in front of the eyes of the user. By linking the moving image to be displayed and the swinging of the head, it is considered that the VR sickness can be further reduced.

Is this for PSVR 2?

There are high chances that this patent is destined for PSVR 2. The patent clearly states that this method will be used on a new head mount display. This lowkey confirms the release of a brand new headset, most likely for Playstation 5. The information on the new headset as well as the PSVR 2 Sickness reduction feature is extended and will make sense to whoever knows their way with VR systems. One thing is clear though. The patent includes “a VR sickness reduction system, a head mount display, a VR sickness reduction method, and a program”, which paints the picture of a new headset.

We can’t know for sure if Sony is working on VR Sickness reduction for PSVR 2. However, if what the patent includes is as straight-forward as it seems, then it’s almost certain. We’ll have to wait and see if the feature makes its way to full launch and also experience its effects too. For what it’s worth, let’s hope this works. It will make virtual reality gaming much more enjoyable for everyone.

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