New PlayStation Experience Promo Video Revealed

December is almost here and is the month when Sony will celebrate their PlayStation 4 success with the PlayStation Experience. Will you be there?

The PlayStation Experience is coming in December where fans will get the chance to play plenty of games that will be there to show off the PlayStation 4. Today a new promo was revealed to get fans hyped for the event.

With a big list of games already revealed to be playable at the event, Sony are obviously looking to end the year with a bang. While there are plenty of games that have already been released big tiles like Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End (multiplayer) will be there as will PlayStation 4’s other big exclusive Street Fighter 5.

The event takes place in San Francisco from December 5-6, and tickets are available at $75 for the full two-day pass, $45 for Saturday and $40 for Sunday. There will also be the Capcom Cup event taking place at the Experience which will see 32 players competing for the $250,000 price pool.

While the promo is light hearted and not taking things seriously, fans of the PlayStation 4 will be looking forward to not only the chance to see the games we know about, but maybe other things too. With the possibility of God of War 4 news at the event hopes will be high.

What we’ll probably see though is a celebration of the success that the PlayStation 4 has had this year. Dominating sales and seeing some great successes the PlayStation Experience is the Sony’s chance to celebrate the year with their fans, and to look at what can be achieved in 2016.

Are you going to the PlayStation Experience? What games are you looking to play there? Let us know below.

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