Is God Of War 4 Coming to PlayStation 4 Soon?

An online games retail site has God of War 4 listed as coming at the end of the year, is this a sign that Kratos could be be coming to PlayStation 4?

We may be into one of the busiest months of 2015 for game releases, but that doesn’t stop rumours for other imminent releases. With God of War being one of the big franchises yet to reveal a new game, could it be coming soon?

Looking on SimplyGames they appear to believe that God of War 4 is going to be released December 31, 2015. This is obviously a placeholder for the game, with a non-specific date added, but is it a hint that Kratos is finally coming in a new game for the PlayStation 4?

While we’ve had God of War 3 Remastered, which was well received, God of War has yet to make a true “next generation” appearance for PlayStation, so it is obvious that this will be a big name for Sony to bring to end the year, but a release like this does seem a little far-fetched. What it may hint at though is a big announcement at PlayStation Experience 2015.

With the event taking place in San Francisco December 5-6, this would be the perfect time to bring some Kratos news and end the year with a huge announcement. The release date will no doubt be in 2016, or even 2017 and not the end of this year. That is unless this is the best hidden game of all time and they’ve managed to hide it very well.

Who knows, they hid Fallout 4 fairly well until they revealed it, so maybe God of War 4 could really be coming to end the year? I really doubt it though, but an announcement may be more plausible.

Do you think we’ll hear some God of War 4 news before the end of the year? Let us know your thoughts below.

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