New PlayStation 4 Ad Focuses on Big Games Coming in 2016

PlayStation have released a new advert to show gamers that the PlayStation 4 is the best console for games. The proof it gives for this are some of the exclusives that are coming out for the console in 2016.

Looking at the games that are on show it highlights some of the major releases that are coming, and that 2016 is a year to look forward to. In the ad we see Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and Star Wars Battlefront. Although these ones have been released in 2015, they are obviously ones that PlayStation are expecting to have a long life with all the upcoming downloadable content.

In terms of new games, we see Horizon: Zero Dawn, Street Fighter 5, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, and No Man’s Sky. All of these games are expected in 2016, though some of them haven’t been dated yet. With No Man’s Sky being a part of the advert, hopefully this is confidence in the game’s release and a sign that it won’t be held up yet again.

What we should also note of course is the fact there are plenty of other big titles on their way too, but as they are not exclusives or don’t have exclusive content just for PlayStation 4, they aren’t features in the advert. I’m sure Xbox will be releasing a similar advert too to show that they too have some major exclusives heading their way.

Are you impressed with the games on show? Let us know your thoughts on these games as well as the other big releases in the comments section below.

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