Street Fighter 5 is Timed Console Exclusive to PS4: PlayStation Website

PlayStation website lists Street Fighter 5 as a timed console exclusive giving hope for other console users.

Sony has updated their website and removed any mention of Street Fighter 5 being a timed console exclusive. Now it simply states that the game is console exclusive to PlayStation 4.

We have, however, added a screenshot of the earlier listing so that you can check it out for yourself.

This might turn out to be just a silly mistake in the end, but if you check out the official website of PlayStation right now it says something unexpected for Street Fighter 5.

On a page where they have listed the exclusive content that is coming to PlayStation 4, the Japanese company lists Capcom’s highly awaited fighting title saying that “the latest chapter of the legendary fighting franchise is console exclusive on PS4*!”

That asterisk refers to a footnote which reads “Timed Exclusive.”

Note how this suggests that the listing is talking about Street Fighter 5 being a timed console exclusive. Now that goes in contrast to what we have heard not only from Sony but also from Capcom.

Both the companies have insisted that the game will stay exclusive to PC and PlayStation 4 and that it will not be coming to Xbox One or Wii U while the aforementioned listing breathes hope that this might change.

However, since it is just a listing (albeit on the official website of PlayStation) and not an official announcement by the developers of Street Fighter 5, it might get clarified later as just a mistake. Or, it could mean something bigger and get related to Nintendo NX – who knows!

Until Capcom or Sony confirm or reject anything like that, I suggest we regard this as a speculation / rumor and nothing more.

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