New Nintendo Switch Units Have Been Reportedly Patched, A Step To Prevent Hacking and Piracy

Nintendo has reportedly patched their new Nintendo Switch units which comes with an updated Nvidia chip which prevents USB recovery error.

Nintendo Switch has been here for a while, despite the success users have tried their best to hack their Nintendo Switch consoles in order to run custom homebrew and play free games or do some unallowed stuff on the Switch.

This has been a nightmare for Nintendo and since when the first hacker discovered the vulnerability, Nintendo has been trying to prevent it and finally, they might have found a solution for it with their new Switch units. They have updated their hardware of the codenamed “Mariko” Switch console.

The updated hardware hasn’t hit the market yet but it’s been reported that Nintendo has patched some units inside it to prevent hacking.

This news comes from a Switch hacker, SciresM who previously also warned us to not hack Switch which will result in users getting banned from the Nintendo network which has happened. According to him, Nintendo has patched the Nvidia chip which prevents the USB recovery error which hackers have been taking advantage of.

Part of the f-g team, Kate Temkin says that the patched consoles are different as they ship with 4.1 firmware and the new overhauled console comes with new firmware 5.0. So 4.1 is still vulnerable and SciresM suggests everyone who’s interested in Switch hacking to stay at the lowest.

Other than that, Switch users are reporting cracks on their Switch console which usually have been found among the vent and the game card slot. It’s most likely happening due to the pressure applied while in the handheld mode or maybe due to the cheap material being used.

If you are using SX OS jailbreaking tool from Team Xecutor on your Switch then be careful because it can brick your Switch console.

What are your thoughts on Nintendo patching the Switch units to prevent hacking? Let us know in the comments below.

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