SX OS Jailbreaking Tool From Team Xecutor Can Brick Your Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch has been here for a while and it’s been very successful. Despite the success and exclusive games, it didn’t stop anyone from trying to breach into the system to play other games or run different homebrew software on it.

Nintendo Switch piracy has been in talks for some months but it’s been confirmed that it’s not a good idea. You might have heard about a program called SX OS which recently got released. It’s a paid program from Team Xecuter which cracks Nintendo’s security measures and allows to run a custom homebrew which has been found to be not safe.

Though Team Xecuter expects themselves to be rewarded for what they have done with the Switch, a security researcher named Mike Heskin has reported that using the tools from Team Xecuter can brick your Nintendo Switch consoles.

This tool consists of a brick code which will lock your eMMC with a specific password and if it detects that someone is trying to crack it, it automatically bricks your Switch console making it completely useless.

The interesting thing is that it can be also triggered by the normal usage which makes it a nightmare for those interested in jailbreaking their Nintendo Switch console.

You can also reverse this action but it’s quite complicated so the best option is to stay away from jailbreaking and play the games the Nintendo way.

SX Pro is now available and it costs  £42.40 for SX Pro and £18.80 for SX OS. If you are already running it or considering to get it then you keep in mind that your Nintendo Switch can be bricked.

Other than that, you can now play games from different systems on your Nintendo Switch using the Lakka emulator.

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