A New MMO Project in the Works At Amazon Game Studios

It looks like a new mmo project is in the works at Amazon Game Studios. This seems to be different than Disruptive games project.

While Amazon Game Studios have multiple projects in the works, one of them seems to be a new MMO as indicated by LinkedIn profile of the Production director.

In 2014, Amazon announced that it would start making games for PC. They announced a Lord of the Rings MMO which sadly was cancelled later on. However, Amazon Games didn’t give and they ultimately release a good MMO in the form of New World.

On the launch day, New World had around 700k concurrent players and it was a huge launch. The game however lost its player-base fast but it’s explosive launch was enough to make it a commercial success for Amazon. After New World, Amazon Game Studios published another famous Korean MMORPG, Lost Ark in the west. Since many fans were waiting for a western Lost Ark release already, Simlegate’s MMO was also a hit release in the west.

So it can said that Amazon got some impressive results with their MMOs and with the server infrastructure they have, it’s natural to release more MMOs, right? So to continue the former success, another new MMO project is in development at Amazon Game Studios.

There are some other profiles of Amazon employees as well on LinkedIn that mention an “unannounced project” however, there is no mention of an MMO so we can’t be sure if the unannounced project is the same MMO or something else.

Amazon Games have also partner up with Disruptive games to make an action adventure multiplayer game which apparently will be developed in Unreal Engine 5. While the said project is a multiplayer game, we aren’t sure if that’s an MMO as well or not.

Like I said before, there are multiple new projects in the works and hopefully, we will get to know more about them sooner than later.

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