New MachineGames Title is Not Wolfenstein or Indiana Jones

Informationfrom a former MachineGames dev claims the studio is working on an unannounced third game that isn't Wolfenstein or Indiana Jones.

Twitter User Timur222 has shared that a new MachineGames title is coming. However, we don’t know what it is, as it’s been confirmed to not be related to their Indiana Jones game or a third entry in the Wolfenstein series. The leak’s source, apparently, comes from a developer that left in 2021.

MachineGames has recently beem popular for the Wolfenstein reboot, where BJ Blazkowicz takes on the job of freeing the entire world from a victorious Nazi Germany. However, recently they were also announced to be developing an Indiana Jones game. Exactly what this mysterious third game could be remains a mystery.

MachineGames’ catalogue is almost Wolfenstein titles and their sidegames and DLC, barring expansions for a remastering of Quake that released in 2021. If this new title isn’t a Wolfenstein game, it could be an entirely new IP, or a pivot into something else, especially since the studio is branching out with their Indiana Jones game.

MachineGames’s new game could be another first-person shooter like many of their other games before now. However, the studio could also be branching out into other things. While certain styles of gameplay didn’t pan out well, such as the level mechanic of Wolfenstein: Youngblood, hopefully MachineGames has taken valuable lessons from its failures.

There’s also the thought of what kind of first-person shooter it will be. MachineGames’ catalogue, once again, is full of various kinds of arcade shooters, with armor and health pickups and outlandish weapons and situations. However, there’s nothing stopping them from making a more conventional shooter, either.

With how good most of MachineGames’s work has been in the past few years since Wolfenstein: The New Order released, they’ll hopefully have another smash hit on their hands whenever this mysterious new game decides to be announced.


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