New Judge Dredd Game Might Be Open World

Video games so far have failed to do justice to the awesome Judge Dredd character, but Rebellion studios developer and owner of 2000AD has set out to change that. The studio has put an open call to other developers to pitch in their ideas for Judge Dredd game.

CEO of Rebellion Jason Kingsley has opened up about his intentions when it comes to getting a new 2000AD title in production.

Kingsley recognized that staffing and spacing is an issue for them, so the best way for them to move forward was to open their license to other studios.

Kingsley explained his frustration for not being able to develop 2000AD titles for the fans but allowed the open license to other studios in order to see if they were “interested in playing with the toys” they have.

The idea of Judge Dredd as a sandbox game is like a dream come true, the team is surprised by the response they are getting from the studios, but one thing still remains uncertain.

Is Judge Dredd going to be a mobile game or we will be seeing it on a bigger console.

The studio is going through all the ideas and will pick the best one that fits the bill. However, the potential is high for Judge Dredd to be an open world game since that would fit the modern criteria.

The story takes place in a futuristic world with high tech weapons and vehicles. This will fit the modern mechanics, we might be able to travel around the city, catch criminals, fight our way through heavy fire and deliver the verdict to the wicked. *You have been Judged*

Let us hope that the studio gets a good pitch regarding Judge Dredd as an open world game and they provide us with the good new soon.

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