Report: PlayStation VR To Become A Commercial Device?

Sony's PlayStation VR have been doing good when it comes to sales, but still things didn't go as planned for the company.

Sony’s PlayStation VR has been doing good when it comes to sales, but still things didn’t go as planned for the company.

A recent report from The Wall Street Journal, in fact, suggests that the company is trying to find partners in order to push the VR as a commercial device, especially in Japan. Video game arcades and theme parks could be the target.

Right now this information is merely rumor, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it turns to be true.

As for the PlayStation VR, 915,000 units have been sold this year by February.

It’s a good result, but it seems that VR’s sales have slowed down a bit, mainly because of stock issues. According to Sony, the sales figure would have been much higher if there were enough units.

Sony Computer Entertainment’s president, Andrew House said that the company misjudged the demand of the VR headset, which is why there aren’t enough units around right now.


Super Data last predicted last year that the number of PS VR units sold will be above 2 million by the end of 2016, a goal that hasn’t been reached; however, E3 2017 might have good VR announcements.

PlayStation VR doesn’t have a huge line-up right now, but good games could be coming in the future: Resident Evil 7 is a proof that the device supports AAA games.

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