New Bioshock ARG Might Have Begun Stealthily With New Website

A new Bioshock ARG might have just been launched, but there's nothing that actually confirms that yet so take it with a grain of salt.

An odd new website has recently opened up that might ave just given us the beginnings of a new Bioshock ARG (augmented reality game). While nothing is confirmed yet, the website, called, certainly seems to be pushing that a new Bioshock game might just be coming our way soon.

“There’s always a lighthouse” becomes the arc words of Bioshock Infinite towards the end as players discover the many alternate realities and timelines that are sprinkled throughout the game’s universe. This game, given the use of those words, might be shaping up to be a new Bioshock game.

This isn’t the first time that the series has had an augmented reality game done to promote it, either. When Bioshock 2 was still yet to come out, that game had one as well, called “There’s Something In The Sea” that focused around a man’s efforts to reach Rapture to try and find his daughter, who had been kidnapped to be turned into a Little Sister.

Exactly what this new Bioshock ARG might be fixing itself on remains to be seen, not to mention the question of if it’s even real to begin with. There have been many official-looking such promotions for a variety of games, and this could be one of them that turns out to be fake.

While various rumors of a new Bioshock game have been appearing from time to time over the past few years, we haven’t actually heard anything about it from its developers, Cloud Chamber, so until then we have no idea if this alleged Bioshock ARG is even real.

So, until it’s actually confirmed to be real and we know that there’s a new Bioshock game coming out, you might want to slow down and take a deep breath before you get really excited about any kind of Bioshock game. Otherwise, you can reach the website by clicking this link.

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