BioShock 4 Release Is Quite Far

Take-Two Interactive had a recent earnings call where they confirmed that the BioShock 4 release may take several years to see the light.

In a recent earnings call by Take-Two Interactive, the video game company stated that the BioShock 4 release is years away.

Last year, 2k Games announced that a new Bioshock game was in the works. The game is being developed by Cloud Chamber, a new gaming development company. This new studio has no ties with the creator of the BioShock series, Kevin Levine. Levine’s BioShock trilogy is considered to be one of the best trilogies in the gaming genre.

Fans feel rejuvenated after hearing the announcement for the new BioShock game. It has been a while since the franchise came to life. People may need to stretch out their anticipation for a while because the BioShock 4 release isn’t coming anytime soon.

Take-Two Interactive had an earnings call this week. During this conference call, they were able to confirm the development period of the upcoming title in the BioShock franchise. They said that BioShock 4 (supposed title), will be in development “for the next several years”. It means that the new game is going to take a while to hit the shelves.

This leaves no doubt in our minds that this new Bioshock game will not be releasing on current-gen consoles. In fact, Cloud Chamber could release BioShock 4, some years after the releases of next-gen consoles. Though several years isn’t a lot of time when it comes to video game development.

The new game could take 2-4 years to come out. We may have to wait until 2022 or even 2024 for the BioShock 4 release. We recently found out that BioShock 4 has actually been in development for 2 years. This could suggest that the game may release sooner than 2024.

Looks like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series will be in the market for a while before this game comes out. We are excited to see how this new title will utilize next-gen consoles. Of course, we are expecting a PC release as well.