New Battlefield 1 Trailer Expected At Gamescom 2016, DICE Confirms

EA and DICE confirm the presence of Battlefield 1 at Gamescom 2016 as well as the reveal of a new gameplay trailer currently being worked upon

GameScom 2016 is only a couple of weeks away and just recently, Randy Evans confirmed Battlefield 1’s presence on the event.

Evans, Senior Video and Media Director at DICE, tweeted a few days ago confirming that his trailer making team is working on showing a new Battlefield 1 trailer during Gamescom 2016.

Battlefield 1 At GameScom 2016

The new trailer should hopefully live up to the other trailers for the game so far, the first of which is one of the most liked YouTube videos in history.

The upcoming installment to EA and DICE’s most popular FPS franchise takes the players back to the World War 1 era instead of being set in a more modern world like the previous few games.

EA showcased a new gameplay trailer during E3 in June as well as hosting its very first EA Play event where professional Battlefield players, YouTubers and some celebrities got a chance to play the game live.

Some reports, gathering information from the closed Alpha held last month, seem to indicate that as always, Battlefield 1 will be getting a Premium Service, which is essentially the season pass for this franchise. More information on that might be revealed during Gamescom 2016, set to begin on 17th August.

It is confirmed that France and Russia will not be part of the base game and will be available separately as DLCs so the Premium Service will most probably include access to those as well.

While there have been no concrete details or a date for it, DICE has confirmed that a closed beta for Battlefield 1 will be held soon after Gamescom, allowing more players to participate and provide feedback than there were in the alpha.

Previously Battlefield Hardline did the same, announcing the beta to begin on the same day as E3 trailer and details so Battlefield 1 might follow the same suit.

Battlefield 1 is set to launch on 21st October for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Players have a chance to play 3 days early if they pre order the Early Enlisters Edition of the game.

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