NBA 2K24 Best 2-Way 3PT Shot Creator Build For Shooting

A shooting build's focus in NBA 2K24 is to land shots in the hoop and with our 2-Way 3PT shot creator build, you will be scoring from afar.

For winning NBA 2K24 matches, taking excellent shots matters a lot. Your team needs shot creators to create an opening to get a basket. This NBA 2K24 shooting build guide will help you create an excellent 6’6” point guard shot creator build for your team. Let’s begin!

Being a 2-Way 3-Point Shot Creator means players must take long shots from afar. Your shot Creator should be a powerful sharpshooter and excellent dribbler, keeping the ball safe and executing face shots.

How to build the NBA 2K24 2-Way 3PT Shot Creator

For this NBA 2K24 Shooting build, we will focus heavily on investing points into ball handling. Since we are going with a 6’6 player, it is best that we excel in long-distance shooting to create a perfect sharpshooter. Furthermore, we are going with good Perimeter Defense in general for a defensive play.

Best 2-Way 3PT Shot Creator build attributes

Weight180 lbs
Close Shot52
Driving Layup72
Driving Dunk75
Standing Dunk28
Post Control
Mid-Range Shot70
Three-Point Shot78
Free Throw53
Pass Accuracy74
Ball Handle92
Speed with Ball83
Interior Defense70
Perimeter Defense93
Offensive Rebound
Defensive Rebound50
NBA 2K24 Shooting build attribute table

Best 2-Way 3PT Shot Creator build Jump Shot animation

Having the bets animation adds a lot of spice to the court. If you are the type of player who is looking to create the best jump shot animation, then below is a table for the best Jump shot animations dedicated for this 2-Way 3PT Shot Creator build:

Lower/BaseDyson Daniels
Upper Release 1BrandiN Podziemski
Upper Release 2Larry Bird
Release Speed25%
Animation Blending60% – 40%
Release HeightA-
Defense ImmunityA+
Release SpeedA+
Timing ImpactA+
NBA 2K24 Shooting build jump shot animation table

Best Badges for 2-Way 3 Point Shot Creator Build in NBA 2K24

Badges in the NBA series help flush out your character even more, and what badges players can pick for their custom character depends on the character’s stats. Look at the best badges for our 2-Way 3-Point Shot Creator build in NBA 2K24.

S Tier


Clamps allow your character to have a better chance of defending the ball when bumping into attackers or when hip-riding the ball handler. This single badge will help your character stay in control of the ball when you are heading in to make a basket.

A Tier

94 Feet

Allows your character to harass and bother an opponent who has the ball when you are on defense. The badge helps your character take control of the ball when the opponents move in to make a basket.

Ankle Braces

Makes it difficult for opponents to cross you over. Stopping you when you are taking the ball to the opponent’s side is a difficult job.


Increases the effectiveness of well-timed contests against perimeter shooters. This can help you defend against shots and gain an advantage when taking perimeter shots.

Fast Feat

Makes your cuts faster when speaking in front of the opponent ball handler. Helps your character steal the ball and keep pushing opponents at bay.

Pick Dodger

Helps players navigate through defender lines more easily when making a push.

Work Horse

Increases your character’s speed and ability to get a loose ball over your opponent’s head. Allows you to make passes across defense lines easier.  

C Tier

Off-Ball Pest

Improves your character’s bump and harass ability when you are on the offensive to the ball.

How to Setup NBA 2K24 2-Way 3PT Shot Creator build

In general, Shot Creators follow the Shooting Guard archetype. However, that is not a requirement, so we selected the Point Guard archetype. Your main job is stealing the ball whenever your opponent holds it and taking shots from afar.

The 2-Way 3-Point Shot Creator needs to be able to swiftly shift between defensive and offensive playstyles depending on the situation and be adequate at both. Switching roles between a match requires a perfect balance of all stats and badges that complement how you want to play.

The build we have presented here focuses on always keeping control of the ball. You can keep your opponents from stealing your ball when you are pushing ahead, and you can easily harass enemies who have the ball. Our badges lean more on the defensive side, as we focus on keeping control of the ball rather than on shooting.

If you have the ball in your hand, you can take as many shots as you want to finish the game. Focusing on a more dependable option rather than going all in for skills that will require much more effort to set up in the first place.

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