NBA 2K24 Daily Spin Prize Location Guide

Daily Spin in NBA 2K24 rewards you with prizes, based on your affiliation, for returning to the game regularly.

NBA 2K24 rewards the player daily with some valuable prizes through a Daily Spin mechanic. However, this feature is initially locked and first, you have to unlock it before starting to get the daily rewards. Additionally, these spins are also associated with the RISE and ELITE affiliations as well. For regular players of the game, the NBA 2K24 Daily Spin Prize can be quite beneficial as they keep returning to the game.

How to unlock Daily Spin in NBA 2K24

Before getting the knowledge of these daily spins, first, you must meet the criteria to unlock them so you can have some benefit from them as well. NBA 2K24 has two basic affiliations to join. The first step in unlocking the spins is to join either one of these affiliations. It is totally up to you which one you want to join but each one offers different rewards. You can do this by going through the MyCAREER Quest Journal.

After opting for your affiliation, the second step is to complete two objectives associated with that particular affiliation. Completing these objectives will automatically unlock the Daily Spin. Both affiliations have their own spins so make sure to claim your rewards by interacting with the one that matches your affiliation.

NBA 2K24 Daily Spin prize location

Coming up to the exact location of the daily spin prize in 2K24, you can find them near the beach area located in MyCity. The exact location is marked in red circles in the image below.

They are some sort of interacting pillars The Elite pillar has the letter E on top followed by some stars on the pedestal. Similarly, The Rise pillar is across the road and has a red color with RSE letters and an arrow between them pointing towards the sky.

Head to the Daily Spin pillar that is associated with your affiliation. Interact with it and you will get your random reward.

One important thing to keep in mind about the Daily Spin rewards is that you can only get them once a day. If you have already claimed your reward for the day, you can’t simply restart NBA 2K24 and try to claim the Daily Spin reward again. Also, you need to make sure you don’t miss out on rewards if you want to keep your streak going.

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