NBA 2K24 Affiliations: Choose RISE Or ELITE?

Rise or Elite are two affiliations players can join in NBA 2K24 that provide different bonuses, so which one should you choose?

The “free-roam” of NBA 2K24 allows players to link up with different affiliations and sponsors. One such option in NBA 2K24 is to join up with either RISE or ELITE clubs for various bonuses. But that brings up the conundrum, which one is better and should you join NBA 2K24 Rise or Elite affiliations?

Should you choose RISE or ELITE in NBA 2K24?

These affiliations are some sort of Clubs or Communities and each of them has its own perks along with some particular boost benefits as well. They are independent of players’ attributes and provide additional benefits to the character. Keeping in mind your build, you need to adopt the one that suits best for you.

However, if you made the wrong choice, NBA 2K24 also allows you to switch your affiliation but this comes with a cost. Whenever you change affiliation, your NBA 2K24 REP level will reset. So it’s in your best interest to have a brief knowledge about both Affiliations from the get-go so you don’t have to waste REP and switch if you are unsatisfied

Advantages of joining Rise

The Rise Affiliation primarily targets good playmaking and finishing skills. So to join RISE, first you must complete 50 Assists on Rise Courts and earn at least 10 Teammates grades with B as the lowest grade. The boosts you will get in the Rise community are

  • Heat Check Gameplay Boost (Shots from the perimeter have a reward)
  • Finishing Boost (Helps in close-range shots)
  • Playmaking Boost (Help snagging extra points)

Advantages of joining Elite

Besides Rise, Elite targets the defensive and shooting skills. To become a member of this community first you need to score 100 points along with winning 10 games in the Elite court. Following is a list of boosts you get for joining the Elite community in NBA 2K24

  • Two-Way Tenacity Gameplay Boost (Playing at one end of the court will provide an advantage upon the next possession)
  • Defense Boost (Improves defensive capability)
  • Shooting Boost (Improves shooting capability)


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