NBA 2K24 REP System Explained

The REP system in NBA 2K24 allows you to gain points by playing the game and then unlocking new rewards as your REP rank increases.

With the release of NBA 2K24, the REP system from previous games also makes a return. While life-long NBA 2K fans might be familiar with it, we are here to explain how the NBA 2K24 REP system works for new fans as well as provide a refresher to the old ones. Since the REP system has a direct tie-in with the MyPlayer build mechanic, understanding the system can benefit you a lot when it comes to progression.

What is the NBA 2K24 REP system

The REP system is an old feature of the NBA franchise that is being incorporated again in the NBA 2K24 game. Having a know-how on how this system works is necessary to utilize it for your benefit in the game.

REP is a kind of player reputation progress that can help earn different rewards including gear, clothes, and accessories, and can also be used to provide a boost to the player’s stats as well. 

The REP points are further divided into MyREP and Affiliation REP. The points under the MyREP represent the total REP points earned in the whole game while the Affiliation REP points are those that are earned only by linking the player to one of the two available affiliations; the Elite and Rise.

Every player in 2K24 starts off with the Rookie rank in the REP system. With the progression in the game, the player will follow up different levels to reach the Top 10 which is the highest level in the REP system. Following is the list of all the tiers along with their levels and the rewards you gain for reaching that REP level

Rookie Rewards

  • Rookie 1
  • Rookie 2 – gain 5x Gatorade Boost and 10x Skill Boost for each skill
  • Rookie 3 – Unlock new badge-improving drills


  • Starter 1 – unlock Two Way Tenacity Booster, 10x Gatorade and 20x Skill Boost for each skill
  • Starter 2 – unlock an extra Turbo meter without gym workouts
  • Starter 3 – gain bonus Daily Rewards, 25x Gatorade Boost and 50x Skill Boost


  • Veteran 1 – gain 50,000 VC and unlock Recharge Booster which improves adrenaline bar recharge
  • Veteran 2 – Defensive attributes gain +1 bonus and improved Rebirth, Rebirth 2.0 is unlocked
  • Veteran 3 – gain 100,000 VC, Shooting Attributes are increased by +1 and 99x Gatorade and Skill boosts are unlocked

Top 10

It is the highest level for the REP system. All in-game attributes gain a +2 bonus.

How to increase REP fast in NBA 2K24

Here are some of the ways that can help you gain REP points quickly in 2K24 so you can rise up the ladder and claim rewards

Complete challenges

Challenges are one of the most reliable sources for getting a good amount of REP points in the game. However, the points earned can vary depending on the complexity of the challenge. Some of them are just walks in the park but this criterion does not stand for all of them.

Playing with friends

While teaming up for the game, you must try to involve some friends with high REP in the squad. This will help you increase your REP faster by winning the games.

Play on a higher difficulty

Playing the game at higher difficulty levels also helps you gain REP points faster. You can increase the difficulty level of the game by going to MyCareer. Additionally, you can also set the Trae Difficulty challenging in MyGM settings as well.

Join RISE or ELITE Affiliation

Another way to improve and gain the REP points is by joining one of the two affiliations. Make sure to check out your surroundings before getting linked to one of these affiliations so you can have maximum friends to interact and play with. Each affiliation has its own bonuses and the REP resets if you change your affiliation later. So make sure you know the benefits of each affiliation before signing up.

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