NBA 2K23 Locker Codes (September 2023)

Locker codes are a very interesting part of NBA 2k23 which you can redeem for a set of multiple rewards. You can get these rewards including VC free of charge which can help you progress through MyTeam and MyCareer. Oftentimes though locker codes have expiry dates and will not work past that date.

Keep in mind that most locker codes are usually valid for a week. We will however also be posting locker codes that never expire. Here is how to redeem locker codes in NBA 2k23.

How to redeem locker codes

If you happen to find a locker code and you are not sure how to redeem it, don’t worry we got you. First you have to make your way to the MyTeam Community Hub in NBA 2k23.

Once there in the main menu look for the “Redeem your codes” option in the bottom right corner.

NBA 2K23 locker codes

Typically the NBA 2K social media accounts shares all new locker codes so you can subscribe to those as well to keep track of any new codes that pop up.

Below we will be compiling a list of all active locker codes

Code: Answer-The-Call-0025-4942
Rewards: 25k VC

Code: Answer-The-Call-4-4488293
Rewards: 25k VC

Reward: 95 OVR Free Agent LeBron James, 95 OVR Free Agent Larry Bird, 95 OVR Free Agent Patrick Ewing, Shoe Colorway – Kobe 4, Devin Booker PE, Shoe Boost – +4 Mid-Range Shot

Reward: Spurs Trophy Case Card

Reward: Heat Trophy Case Card

Reward: 2K Day Option Pack

Locker codes that never expire

Considering the game just came out, as of now we haven’t discovered any locker codes with no expiry date. Keep on checking back for details on such locker codes.

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