NBA 2K23 MyPlayer Builder Tips

Creating one’s own character in any sports game has always been a key feature that allows the players to make a character of their dreams, well suited to their playstyle and skill set. NBA 2K23 MyPlayer Builder allows you to customize your character as much as you want, but seeing how expansive it is, a lot of features are bound to go unnoticed, features that can change the way that you approach MyPlayer Builder.

In this guide, we will present a few tips for you when you are creating a new character for yourself in NBA 2K23.

NBA 2K23 MyPlayer Builder Tips

Shades of your heroes

One of the most common ways of attempting to make your own character will be by mimicking one of the superstars of the NBA. Michael Jordan and LeBron James will be two of the most common templates players will aim for.

When making a character after such a superstar, you don’t have to start blank and work your way through the stats. MyPlayer Builder in NBA 2K23 allows you to see which superstar has what “Shades”, so you can try to get your own character as close to the actual player as possible.

These superstar shades allow you to better compare your own character to an existing one, and better understand how different attributes will work with one another in general.

Trial and error

You spent hours deciding what stats you want. You moved each and every slider to get the perfect stats for your character. And when you play with the new character, it just doesn’t feel right.

Now you gotta do it all over? No! NBA 2K23 introduces a new feature that allows you to modify any one of your existing characters.

You don’t have to go through all the menus again to make a new character and then retry to make a perfect character for yourself. This allows you to comfortably tinker around with different stats and builds so you don’t end up with a one-dimensional character.

Visualize your character

This might seem like a no-brainer but never go into the MyPlayer Builder without something in mind.

The better you know what type of player you want, what skills, strengths and what abilities you want, the better you can customize any character for yourself.

Once you know what you want, you can focus on the key attributes for that playstyle. If you want a mid-court player, setting up your teammates and running the fast break, you’d know what you want to invest into.

If you want a shooter, you’d invest in ball handling, strength and agility so you can take your shots and keep the defenders off of you to make space.

The point is, without a specific build and a certain playstyle in your mind, you will most likely end up trying to balance all attributes, without being able to specialize or make your character stand out in any way.

Observe the roster

Every player on the NBA 2K23 roster has their attribute distributions and skills. They all have a variety of badges that differentiate them from others. This is all displayed in the player’s profile and can be very useful.

Basic knowledge of the existing stats of players can help you learn about the different abilities and skills.

With ample understanding, you can focus on making much more complex builds for yourself, a character that excels in two or more ways.

Furthermore, you can better understand not only the shades of each player and superstar, but also helps you determine your attribute allocation, and what group of attributes you need to work on collectively to enhance your character’s certain skills.

Badges and attribute setup

Badges and Attributes are interconnected, but with the new overhauls, chasing a single badge will be much more difficult.

First of all, you need certain attributes together to be able to get a badge. The higher these attributes, the higher the tier of badge you can get.

However, this would mean that you might have to invest in some attributes that you don’t really want at all. So, we recommend that you aim for only selective high-tier badges, and for others, get the bronze and silver badges as they are lighter on your attribute distribution and badge points.

Second, different attributes are linked together. For example, if you decide to max out your ball handling, the builder will automatically increase your accuracy, speed with the ball, physical speed, perimeter defense and driving layup along with others.

The bottom line, you will end up with 78 out of your overall 99. This means that attributes that matter can not be scaled independently of all other attributes.

You should always keep an eye on what attributes are interlinked, and where they need to sacrifice points or add unwanted points.

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