How To Increase Fashion Level In NBA 2K23

The fashion system in NBA 2K23 allows players to attract new and better sponsors so it is definitely not something an up-and-coming NBA star should ignore. In this guide, we will go over how the fashion system works and how to increase your fashion level in NBA 2K23 to attract more sponsorship deals.

How to increase fashion level in NBA 2K23

In simple words, fashion level is a new level system that you increase in order to tip the odds in your favor when looking for a sponsor.

You can get better sponsors that will earn you more money the higher your fashion level is. You can also increase your brand attributes as well to get you better deals with the brands willing to sponsor you.

There are multiple ways to increase your fashion level. The first and most straightforward way to do so is to perform multiple tasks for Ricky as Ricky’s daily missions.

Another way to increase fashion level is to visit the City Runaways and participate.

Changing your clothes before every NBA game is a neat trick to get the attention of reporters. These reporters will ask you questions about your sense of fashion.

Answering these questions will increase your fashion level exponentially. Some of these questions are tough so sufficient research is required to answer them.

You will be confronted by numerous people in the MyCareer who will ask you to take part in fashion trivia. Answering these trivia questions goes a long way in improving your fashion level and unlocking rewards.

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