How To Raise Fashion Level In NBA 2K23

In recent times, NBA 2K series has taken a realistic approach with the addition of a Fashion System. As a...

In recent times, NBA 2K series has taken a realistic approach with the addition of a Fashion System. As a rising player in your MyCareer mode, you’ll face several obstacles to gaining your desired brand endorsements.

This Fashion System allows you to gain sponsorships from different brands such as Jordans at the expense of your Fashion Levels. As higher your Fashion Level, the more you’ll get paid by the brand, making this one of the most important features for the growth of your MyPlayer.

In this guide, we will show you how to increase your fashion level in NBA 2K23 to attract more sponsorship deals.

How to increase your fashion level in NBA 2K23

Increasing your Fashion Level is arguable one of the hardest objectives to complete in NBA 2K23 as it requires the completion of multiple side missions along with many interactions with different characters.

But, being an athlete on the court, you must have brands constantly reaching out to you for sponsorship deals which increases your bank balance. There are numerous ways to increase your Fashion Level.

Note that increasing your fashion level is how you get fans and endorsements in NBA 2K23.

Complete Daily Missions

Probably the best way to increase your Fashion Level to the top is through the completion of Ricky’s Mission in the Daily Quests. However, for this task, you must entirely complete all of Ricky’s Daily Quests in order to increase your Fashion Level.

City Runaways

The second option for an increase in your Fashion Level is by taking part in the City Runways. Simply visit the City and participate in the City Runways to get a chance to boost your Fashion Levels.

During the Brand Building with Ashley 2 Quest, you’ll be required to complete a fashion walk on the runway in the city. Upon its completion, you’ll gain additional fashion points as a reward.

Alter your Look

One of the most clever ways to earn additional Fashion Points is by changing clothes right before each match. This is a neat trick that allows you to gain the attention of the reporters at the event, making you the topic of discussion.

Doing so will get the reporters to approach you, asking you questions due to your sudden and constant change in look after every match. However, these questions will be quite difficult and require sufficient research to answer them.

Answer Trivia Questions

The last method to acquire a higher Fashion Level is through the interaction with numerous characters in the MyCareer mode who will ask you questions regarding your role in the Fashion Trivia.

Complete this task by answering each question to improve your Fashion Level and unlock rewards at the end.

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