NBA 2K23 Fashion Trivia Answers for Courting Calloway

NBA 2K23 is much more than just basketball. It has a lot to offer and includes various side quests other...

NBA 2K23 is much more than just basketball. It has a lot to offer and includes various side quests other than that of basketball, making the game more diverse and enjoyable.

Courting Calloway is also a side-quest, which requires you to answer fashion and sports-related questions. The Courting Calloway quest will take you to Yolanda and Sabine. This duo will put your fashion sense to the test by asking you a series of questions.

If you have some fashion knowledge, you might be able to breeze through this quest, but if you’re not, you might struggle a bit like me. So, to assist you, we have listed all fashion trivia answers below. There are a total of 10 fashion trivia quizzes, each with a set of three questions. Here, we have listed all 10 NBA 2K23 Fashion Trivia (Courting Calloway) answers so you don’t have to bother searching for each one separately.

Fashion Trivia 1 Answers

The fashion trivia one is by far the easiest quiz to answer. Here are the questions with their respective answers.

QUESTION: Who makes the Birkin bag?

ANSWER: Hermes

QUESTION: Which shoe company was the first to introduce a microchip into its sneakers?

ANSWER: Adidas

QUESTION: What did the Nike logo originally intend to convey with its look and style?

ANSWER: Motion

Fashion Trivia 2 Answers

The difficulty level ramps up in the second Fashion Trivia quiz. So, here are the answers to get through it successfully.

QUESTION: Which streetwear company is known for its logo that looks like two U’s, with one being upside down?

ANSWER: Under Armor

QUESTION: Who was the very first NBA player with his signature shoe?

ANSWER: Bob Cousy

QUESTION: Which economist coined the phrase “conspicuous consumption” back in 1899?

ANSWER: Thorstein Veblen

Fashion Trivia 3 Answers

This Fashion Trivia takes it to the next level by asking extremely difficult questions. Even if you’re a fashion expert, you’ll struggle. So, here’s the list of answers.

Answer 1: StockX

Answer 2: Turtle Dove

Answer 3: Fjallraven Kanken

Fashion Trivia 4 Answers

No surprise, Fashion Trivia #4 has an even more difficult set of questions. But no worries for you because we’ll provide you with the answers here.

QUESTION: So which company produces Air Jordans?


QUESTION: What luxury brand that everyone knows now, but back in the day was originally known for making trunks for traveling?

ANSWER: Louis Vuitton

QUESTION: Who designed the Peter Saville Parka, not the one Sabine got in Chinatown for thirty-five dollars, the real one?

ANSWER: Raf Simons

Fashion Trivia 5 Answers

Fashion Trivia 5, in our opinion, is the toughest one. So here are the answers to help you out.

QUESTION: Which label’s iconic logo is like the little heart with eyes on it?

ANSWER: Comme des Garcons PLAY

QUESTION: And the shoe museum with the largest collection of footwear is the Bata and it’s in what city?

ANSWER: Toronto

QUESTION: When Heron Preston did his project UNIFORM, who did he collaborate with?

ANSWER: The NYC Department of Sanitation.

Fashion Trivia 6 Answers

This fashion trivia quiz, like the previous one, will require you to search for answers because the set of questions is extremely difficult.

QUESTION: What was the name of the former basketball player that Converse hired to help design their most iconic sneaker almost 100 years ago?

ANSWER: Chuck Taylor

QUESTION: Which Japanese streetwear brand was founded in 1993?


QUESTION: What’s the name of the streetwear line founded by the brothers Edwin and Salmee, whose last name was Faeh?

ANSWER: Carhartt WIP

Fashion Trivia 7 Answers

This fashion trivia will leave you wondering because the answers are not that straightforward. Here’s a list of the questions along with the suitable answers.

QUESTION: Okay, so which iconic streetwear logo was based on the way the founder would sign his handcrafted surfboards?

ANSWER: Stussy

QUESTION: Okay, so which brand was founded by Jerry Lorenzo?

ANSWER: Fear of God

QUESTION: What was the inspiration for the Air Jordan X according to Tinker Hatfield?

ANSWER: Lawnmower

Fashion Trivia 8 Answers

This fashion trivia quiz is a mixed bag of easy and difficult questions. Still, consult the answers listed below to secure 100% results.

QUESTION: Okay, so with Nike kicks, yeah? The originals used a household appliance to make the soles. Name it!

ANSWER: Waffle iron

QUESTION: Which two shoe companies were created out of an argument between two brothers?

ANSWER: Adidas and Puma

QUESTION: What’s the name of Brendon Babenzain’s brand?


Fashion Trivia 9 Answers

This fashion trivia begins with a straightforward question but the difficulty ramps up with each question. Here are the best answers for this fashion trivia.

QUESTION: Okay. Boom here it comes. Fenty is a fashion house founded by which singer?

ANSWER: Rihanna

QUESTION: Which sneakers were the first to be mass mass mass-produced?


QUESTION: Okay, when Nike was planning on discontinuing the original Air Force 1, retailers in which city saved it by offering color of the month drops?

ANSWER: Baltimore

Fashion Trivia 10 Answers

The last fashion trivia poses some bizarre questions to which even the most fashion-savvy people will be perplexed. The following are the questions and appropriate answers for this quiz.

QUESTION: Yes! Okay, so which designers’ Red October sneakers sold out within seconds?


QUESTION: Back in 1984, Michael Jordan and Nike had just launched the original Air Jordan shoe. Unfortunately, Michael wasn’t allowed to wear the original Jordans in an NBA game because they violated a specific — and now repealed — rule. What was the rule violation that resulted in the original Air Jordans being banned?

ANSWER: Unapproved colors

QUESTION: Back in 2018, PrettyLittleThing partnered with this OG hip-hop brand. It was fire. Probably one of the best collaborations in streetwear history. So, who was that brand that made it so fire?

ANSWER: Kark Kani

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