NBA 2K23 Best Finishing Badges For Your Squad

A lot has changed when it comes to finishing badges in NBA 2K23. Having the best badges for your team will provide you with numerous advantages in the game. We will cover all the finishing badges in NBA 2K23 in this guide, and provide you with the best ones to consider for your squad.

Best Finishing badges ranked (Top 6)

There are 13 Finishing Badges in NBA 2K23. Below we have shortlisted the best finishing badges for you.

1. Limitless Takeoff: During dunk attempts, players with this badge will begin from a greater distance than their opponents.

2. Posterizer: Boosts your ability to dunk.

3. Fearless Finisher: Taking a hit does not hinder the player from continuing the play. The energy lost during contact layups is also less.

4. Pro Touch: You get a bonus shot boost on layups if you’re a little early, a little late, or if you make a great shot. You must turn layup timing on for this.

5. Giant Slayer: Improves layup percentage when facing a taller defender and reduces block chances.

6. Aerial Wizard: Boosts your ability to finish alley-oops of a teammate and offensive rebound putbacks

Best Badges for Slashers


Layup attempts, including spins, hop steps, euro-steps, cradles, reverses, and change shots, have been enhanced. Combined with gathers, it’s easier to beat defenders.

This badge is highly suited for those players who like to dribble and score with finesse. Acrobat when combined with Fearless finisher can help you score more freely.

Fearless Finisher

Taking a hit does not hinder the player from continuing the play. The energy lost during contact layups is also less. This badge is highly useful when you’re finishing a counterattack.

If you want to combine Fearless finisher, then Posterizer is the best one for you. When you use it with Posterizer, you can increase your ability to dunk as well.

Giant Slayer

If you’re facing trouble against tall defenders, then Giant Slayer is the badge for you.  It improves layup percentage when facing a taller defender and reduces block chances.

This badge is highly useful when the other team has marked all your players and you have no space to pass. It will help you drive through and increase your strength as well. Apart from that, when combined with Slithery, you can also protect the ball better.


Improves a player’s ability to minimize contact when surrounded. It also helps in collecting the ball, keeping it safe, and increases the ability to dribble through a bunch of players.

When you combine Slithery with Fearless Finisher, you can easily boost your hold-up play combined with the ability to dribble through players contactless.

Best badges for Big Man

Backdown Punisher

The ability to back down a defender is enhanced when posting up, so players have more success than they would normally have.

This badge works best with Dream Shake as the attributes of both of these badges can create a lethal combo.


Plays a big role in initiating contact and getting to the rim for layups. When combined with Fearless Finisher and Posterizer , you maximize the potential of this badge.


The ability to dunk around the rim is improved for players, especially against smaller opponents. There aren’t many badges that go well with basher, but if you combine it with Acrobat, it can prove to be very lethal.

How to get Finishing badges in NBA 2K23

The MyCareer option allows you to obtain finishing badges. Depending on your build, you can earn various badges. Keep in mind that tier-specific Badges are determined by your MyPlayer’s physical attributes.

For certain builds, this may result in badges being expensive. For compensation, you are allowed to equip one Core Badge in each category for free, if you can afford it in normal circumstances.

Here’s the attribute requirements for each all the finishing badges in NBA 2K23:


  • Strength: 74 (Bronze)
  • Strength: 82 (Silver)
  • Strength: 89 (Gold)
  • Strength: 95 (Hall of Fame)

Fearless Finisher

  • Close Shot: 65 (Bronze) and Driving Layup: 67 (Bronze)
  • Close Shot: 75 (Silver) and Driving Layup: 77 (Silver)
  • Close Shot: 84 (Gold) and Driving Layup: 87 (Gold)
  • Close Shot: 93 (Hall of Fame) and Driving Layup: 97 (Hall of Fame)

Limitless Takeoff

  • Driving Dunk: 65 (Bronze)
  • Driving Dunk: 79 (Silver)
  • Driving Dunk: 86 (Gold)
  • Driving Dunk: 96 (Hall of Fame)


  • Driving Dunk: 72 (Bronze)
  • Driving Dunk: 85 (Silver)
  • Driving Dunk: 93 (Gold)
  • Driving Dunk: 99 (Hall of Fame)

Rise Up

  • Standing Dunk: 80 (Silver)
  • Standing Dunk: 90 (Gold)
  • Standing Dunk: 98 (Hall of Fame)


  • Driving Layup: 69 (Bronze) and Driving Dunk: 70 (Bronze)
  • Driving Layup: 79 (Silver) and Driving Dunk: 84 (Silver)
  • Driving Layup: 89 (Gold) and Driving Dunk: 92 (Gold)
  • Driving Layup: 99 (Hall of Fame) and Driving Dunk: 98 (Hall of Fame)

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