NBA 2K23 Best Playmaking Badges To Invest Points On

If you’re a veteran player of the NBA game series, you may already know that applying a variety of badges from different tiers grants you various boosts in the game. You obviously want to equip your team with the one that suits your playstyle the most. In this NBA 2k23 guide, we’ll be giving you a quick rundown on the Best Playmaking Badges and rank them according to their usefulness.

Best Playmaking badges ranked

The rankings below should give you an idea of what badges to equip on your playmakers in NBA 2K23:

1. Quick First Step: When equipping this badge, max it out to reach your natural speed from a stopped position. This allows you to give your defenders a hard time and blow them. You will also be able to break them down through your dribble moves.

2. Handles for Days: When this badge is maxed out, it will help you dribble more than once on the court without consuming a lot of energy, allowing you to exhaust the opponent team instead. This enables you to chain multiple moves to break down defenders.

3. Bail Out: This badge is even effective when used on the Bronze level. It allows you to pass amazing shots and help you play against bigger guys on the court.

4. Floor General: Although this badge is a tier 1 badge yet you will not want to miss out on this. This badge basically increases the offensive skills of your teammates. It won’t affect you but it is quite crucial for the team. Your team will be able to play the most lethal attacks and will make it difficult for the opponents to handle when the player that has this badge, is in the team.

5. Needle Threader: A boost is given to the player’s passing ability when passing through two tight defenders.

6. Break Starter: While having this badge equipped and grabbing a defensive board, deep outlet passes made on the court are more precise and accurate. However, the passes must be made rapidly following the defensive rebound.

Best Badges for Playmaking Guards

Ankle Breaker

When players choose this badge, the defender stumbles or falls more frequently when biting the wrong way while performing step-backs and other certain moves. This badge is ideal for Playmakers and Shot Creators.

Ankle Breaker is best when paired with Space Creator Badge, Tight Handles Badge and Unpluckable Badge. This badge basically increases the ball handling attribute of a player.


While in the half-court, passes that are produced by the Dimers to open shooters produce a shot boost. This badge serves quite well for Playmakers.

Dimer badge is best when paired with Needle Threader Badge, Floor General Badge and Breakstarter Badge. Dimer badge is quite good to enhance your Passing Accuracy.

Killer Combos

This badge helps improve a player’s ability to chain dribble moves when sizing up their opponent.

Killer Combo, as well, is a best badge for Playmakers and iso-dribblers as it would increase the Ball Handling attribute of a player. It goes quite effective when paired with Handles For Days Badge and Hyper Drive Badge.

Handles for Days

When this badge is a part of your build, your player uses little energy to hit while dribbling, which makes them able to chain combos together quicker and for longer.

Handles for Days badge is sort of all-rounder badge. It is well suited for Playmakers, Offensive Threat and Shot Creators. This badge is best paired with Unpluckable Badge, Tight Handlers Badge, Ankle Breaker Badge.

Best Badges for Playmaking Slashers


This badge will make it hard for the defenders to execute their steal attempts. This badge is obviously best for Playmakers but it is also well suited for Shot Creators and Post Scorers.

The unpluckable badge is best when paired with Step & Go Badge, Ankle Breaker Badge and Handles For Days Badge.

Clamp Breaker

This badge aids in the ability of a player as a ball handler to fight off contact, protect the ball, and drive by opponents. Clamp Breaker is quite useful for Playmakers.

Clamp Breaker badge is best paired with Handles for Days Badge, Hyperdrive Badge and Slithery Badge.

Quick First Step

This Playmaking badge lets the ball handlers’ access quicker and more operational launches once tackling a triple threat. This badge increases the speed, acceleration and ball handling attributes of a player.

This badge serves best for Playmakers, Slashers and Finishers. It is best when paired with Step & Go Badge, Ankle Breaker Badge, Tight Handlers Badge.

How to Get Playmaking Badges in NBA 2k23

By now, you would have some basic understanding about badges and their advantages. They basically boost up your game.

Playmaking badges are some of really important badges in NBA 2k23 because they not only enhances the attributes of an individual player but also it escalates the attributes of the whole team.

Now you must be wondering how to get these badges. So for these badges, you need Playmaking Badge Points. You can these points by doing the following in the game:

  • Attack Assists
  • Alley-Oop Assists
  • Deep Outlet Passes
  • Pick & Roll Passes

By doing any of these, you would be rewarded with Playmaking Badge Points and if you happen to win the game, you would earn some more points. You can utilize these points in getting these badges.

Now we will tell you what exactly the attribute requirements for these badges in NBA 2K23 are.

Quick First Step

  • Ball Handle: 70 (Bronze)
  • Ball Handle: 77 (Silver)
  • Ball Handle: 85 (Gold)
  • Ball Handle: 89 (HoF)

Handles For Days

  • Ball Handle: 70 (Bronze)
  • Ball Handle: 85 (Silver)
  • Ball Handle: 94 (Gold)
  • Ball Handle: 99 (HoF)

Bail Out

  • Pass accuracy: 65 (Bronze)
  • Pass accuracy: 78 (Silver)
  • Pass accuracy: 85 (Gold)
  • Pass accuracy: 94 (HoF)

Floor General

  • Pass accuracy: 68 (Bronze)
  • Pass accuracy: 83 (Silver)
  • Pass accuracy: 89 (Gold)
  • Pass accuracy: 96 (HoF)

Needle Threader

  • Pass accuracy: 69 (Bronze)
  • Pass accuracy: 78 (Silver)
  • Pass accuracy: 85 (Gold)
  • Pass accuracy: 92 (HoF)

Break Starter

  • Pass accuracy: 60 (Bronze)
  • Pass accuracy: 69 (Silver)
  • Pass accuracy: 79 (Gold)
  • Pass accuracy: 86 (HoF)

Ankle Breaker

  • Ball Handle: 55 (Bronze)
  • Ball Handle: 65 (Silver)
  • Ball Handle: 71 (Gold)
  • Ball Handle: 81 (HoF)


  • Pass accuracy: 64 (Bronze)
  • Pass accuracy: 69 (Silver)
  • Pass accuracy: 80 (Gold)
  • Pass accuracy: 85 (HoF)

Killer Combos

  • Ball Handle: 70 (Bronze)
  • Ball Handle: 79 (Silver)
  • Ball Handle: 85 (Gold)
  • Ball Handle: 97 (HoF)


  • Ball Handle: 65 (Bronze)
  • Ball Handle: 75 (Silver)
  • Ball Handle: 84 (Gold)
  • Ball Handle: 95 (HoF)

Clamp Breaker

  • Ball Handle: 64 (Bronze)
  • Ball Handle: 77 (Silver)
  • Ball Handle: 87 (Gold)
  • Ball Handle: 96 (HoF)

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