How To Request a Trade In NBA 2k23

Not happy with you current team or your favorite team is different now? Worry not, let's get you traded in NBA 2k23.

My Career in NBA2K23 gives players the freedom to create their player in the game and take on the route of a professional basketball player. Sometimes, players come to a point where they wish to experience new challenges, which include playing with a whole new set of NBA players and a whole new team. To do this, you have to put in a request to trade your player with another team’s player. In this article, we shall look into how this process is done and what methods can be adopted to make this process streamlined.

Initiate a Trade Request in NBA 2K23 MyCareer

To be able to opt for an option to trade, you must complete at least one season in the team you are currently in. Two seasons would make your trade move more solid, but one is necessary to be able to consider the option to change teams.

request a trade nba 2k23 mycareer

As for the process of getting yourself traded, go to the settings MyCareer, Career Tracker, and Request Trade. You will notice that it says to complete 10 games to be able to use this option. Play 10 games, build up some reputation, and request a trade. The result of the trade will pop up within 3 days of the game’s time, so it’s better to jump the days, and you will receive the notification. It’s that simple. However, you must keep a few things in mind before initiating a trade.


This process to start a trade and get yourself traded in NBA 2k23 works for both current-gen and next-gen versions.

Ensure that your performances are good enough for other teams to be interested in you. You don’t really need a reason to switch teams in NBA 2k23 MyCareer. However, you should make sure beforehand that the team you are looking for has an open position for your role. Otherwise, you won’t get an offer from that team.

If you want your team to put you for trade, then you can try performing badly. I am not really a fan of this technique, as this can also limit the preferred offers from other teams. Be flexible about the position you want to play in your preferred team. You might get an offer quickly for a position that you aren’t great at, but that is what the team wants from you.

Strategies for a Successful Trade in NBA 2k23 MyCareer

Starting a trade request is one thing, and making it go through is another. Here are some strategies you should work on to ensure your trade is successful. Be aware that many aspects are looked into while making a trade, including the player’s reputation and stats.

  • Try to become the ‘Rookie of the Year’. This will mark you on every team’s radar as a useful player.
  • Always end a game with more than 25 points to your name.
  • Play at least 2 quarters in every game you play during your first season.
  • Have an unsatisfied attitude towards the dressing room and staff of your current team.
  • Do not opt for a position that is taken by a superstar. Even if you are selected by the team, you will only make the bench.
  • Have more wins than losses in your career.
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