How To Get More Attribute Upgrades In NBA 2K23

The MyPlayer and MyCareer modes are the main appeals of the NBA 2K franchise. Who doesn’t want to build their own player and lead him to stardom? To become this superstar, however, it is crucial that you upgrade your My Player attributes. This guide will show you how to get attribute upgrades in NBA 2K23.

How to get more attribute upgrades in NBA 2K23

Upgrading your attributes in NBA 2K23 is a very simple process. Just head to the Progression menu and select the Attribute tab.

This will take you to the attribute screen and let you upgrade them. In order to upgrade an attribute, you will need VC, which is the virtual currency of the game.

You can get VC by playing career games and doing other activities, like going to different events. If you don’t want to work for it, VC packages are also available which you can purchase for real money.

An important thing to note about upgrading attributes is the attribute cap. These show you how good your MyPlayer can be initially.

After you have reached the overall 85, you will need to upgrade your attribute cap otherwise you can not level up all the way to the coveted 99 overall score.

To increase the attribute cap, you will need to play a lot and gain experience, which will be measured through MyPoints. Changing your difficulty settings will also help you in earning these.

Once you have increased the cap on your attributes, you will be notified with “Attribute Upgrade Available”, which you can then get with VC.

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