How To Get More Attribute Upgrades In NBA 2K23

This guide will show you how to get more attribute upgrades for your character in NBA 2K23 and bypass the attribute cap.

Becoming the best player in NBA 2K23 requires you to upgrade your character and their attributes. Doing so is a straightforward progress and requires playing the game and being good at it.

In this guide, we’ll explore how you can get more attribute upgrades in NBA 2K23. Furthermore, we’ll also be going over how you can reach the coveted level 99 cap fast.

How to get more attribute upgrades in NBA 2K23

Upgrading attributes is a fairly straightforward process in NBA 2K23. To do so, you simply need to acquire VC, which is the game’s currency. To acquire VC, all you need play career games and attend events. Furthermore, VC can be purchased through real-world money in NBA 2K23’s in-game store.

Once you have enough VC, head to the Progression menu and select the Attribute tab. This will take you to the attribute screen and let you upgrade them. Each upgrade requires a set amount of VC.

The initial player cap is 85, and the attributes you can upgrade are determined by the type of build you choose at the start. For example, a Point Guard’s potential upgrades mainly center around Playmaking and Finishing, for Centers it is completely different.

The darker bars under every category show what you can upgrade. After you have reached the overall player level of 85, you will need to upgrade your attribute cap otherwise you can not level up to the coveted 99 overall score.

To increase the attribute cap, you will need to play a lot and gain experience, which will be measured through MyPoints.

Once you have increased the cap on your attributes, you will be notified with “Attribute Upgrade Available”, which you can then get with VC. If you find yourself in a situation where you are unable to upgrade your character, you may to increase the attribute cap.

Best attributes to upgrade first in NBA 2K23

The attributes you should upgrade first boil down to the type of build you’re currently working on, if you working on maxing out your Point Guard build, invest VC into finishing and playmaking attributes, on the other hand, if you have a Center build, invest VC into finishing and defense.

Alternatively, certain animations and badges have attribute requirements that you must fulfill before you can purchase/use them. investing points into attributes that let you earn these rewards faster is another way to go about upgrading your character.

How to upgrade Character to level 99 fast in NBA 2K23

To upgrade your character fast in NBA 2K23, you’ll need to do two things; acquire and spend VC on player attributes and upgrade attribute caps. The former has already been explained above but the latter works slightly differently.

Firstly, to increase your level cap fast, you need to gain experience by playing the game. Changing your difficulty settings may help accelerate this process. Secondly, you can complete Coach Wayne Graves’ quest. Doing so gives a permanent buff to the rate at which you earn MyPoints.

Lastly, you can make use of certain badges, that allow you to hit your shots more accurately, thereby, giving you more MyPoints. These badges include; Comeback Kid, Amped, Green Machine, and Space Creator.

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