NBA 2K22 MyTeam Evolution Cards Guide

In this guide, we will be covering some important details regarding the MyTeam Evolution Cards in NBA 2k22

In this guide, we will be covering some important details regarding the MyTeam Evolution Cards in NBA 2k22. We will be explaining the evolution cards in the simplest way possible. We’ll cover, how to get Evolution cards, how to use them and how to customize your evolution cards.

NBA 2K22 MyTeam Evolution Cards

Evolution Cards in NBA 2k22’s MyTeam are cards that get better with time. The Evolution cards transform into upgraded versions of themselves by achieving certain targets. The bolts on the side of the cards are indicators of the levels that can be upgraded.

To constantly monitor the requirements and the progress of Evolution Cards, you can head to MyTeam under the main menu option. From here, you need to select the Card Evolution menu to see the details of their progress up to that level.

The following are the details for the Evolution Cards that you can see on the menu.

  • You can see the evolution cards on the left menu.
  • To keep an eye on the required points for each card, you can check the center menu.
  • The attributes and the upgradable badges can be checked on the right menu.

How to Get Evolution Cards

You can get Evolution Cards through the packs, rewards, and NBA 2k22’s auction house.

The best way to get cards is by playing in Domination mode. You need to play and win the highest difficulty level in Domination mode to get the Evolution Cards.

Wining the Triple Threat mode will also get you Evolution Cards as a reward.

Customized Evolution Cards

Evolution Cards can also be customized, so you can use them to your utmost advantage as well.

As the evolution card tiers up to reach the choice tier, you will have the choice to select any of the two badges. This will provide you with an extra advantage and improve their performance.

How to Use Evolution Cards

You can also the features of the cards yourself. One can apply shoes to serve the purpose. You cannot change the color or the basic attributes of the card, but this doesn’t apply to the evolution cards.

You can make amendments to their color, skill ratings, and even get access to the badge. The number of times these cards can be upgraded depends on the different cards.

The limit ranges from one to five times, so there are flexible options available.

Initially, you will get only one card, but with the progress of the game, the cards upgrade through different levels to reach the highest Level five upgrade.

How to Upgrade Evolution Cards

To upgrade the Evolution Cards in NBA 2k22, players need to take part in various challenges. Each successive tier has better stats than the previous one, so overall rating keeps climbing as you upgrade the cards.

The challenges for each card are different, so you are required to complete a new challenge for each card.

To upgrade a certain Evolution Card, you should focus specifically on the player that you want to upgrade.

You need to make sure the ball is in the hands of that specific player mostly. Also, try and make sure the highest number of buckets must belong to that player.

You should put the card you want to upgrade right at the top. If all the cards have the similar rating, then go for any of them and try to focus on the specific card that you wish to upgrade in order to let your Evolution Card appear as the best one.

Another way to is to go after the steals or blocks. The players should apply the above rules here as well. They need to put the Evolution Card that they wish to upgrade to defend the main ball handlers and shooters from the opponents.

A good way to upgrade your cards in NBA 2k22 is taking part in the 3 on 3 game mode known as the Triple Threat.

This mode is a quick way to meet the requirements for upgrading the Evolution Cards, as there are fewer players in this mode. With fewer players, you can easily focus on your Evolution Card.

NBA 2K22 Best Evolution Cards

Name Overall Type of Rewards
Darryl Dawkins 93 Collector Rewards
Slick Watts 90 Collector Rewards
Dee Brown 90 Triple Threat Offline Rewards
Gary Harris 89 Dunktober
Channing Frye 88 Collector Rewards
Talen Horton- Tucker 86 Dunktober
Derrick White 85 Domination Rewards
Monte Morris 85 Domination Rewards
Derrick Jones Jr 85 Triple Threat offline rewards
Matt Bonner 85 Domination Rewards
Mike Miller 85 Domination Rewards
Miles Bridges 85 Domination Rewards
Jim Jackson 85 Domination Rewards
Daniel Gibson 85 Domination Rewards
Harrison Barnes 85 Domination Rewards
Chris Boucher 85 Domination Rewards
Mason Plumlee 85 Domination Rewards
Maurice Lukas 85 Domination Rewards
Charles Oakley 85 Domination Rewards
Reggie Williams 80 Domination Rewards
Tyresse Maxey 80 Domination Rewards
Randy Wittman 80 Domination Rewards
James Edwards 80 Domination Rewards
Matt Burnes 80 Domination Rewards
Jaden McDaniels 80 Domination Rewards
Maxi Kleber 80 Domination Rewards
Jeremy Lamb 80 Domination Rewards
Jordan Poole 80 Domination Rewards
Mario Elite 80 Domination Rewards
Olyeka Onkugwo 80 Domination Rewards
Jamario Moon 80 Domination Rewards
Trae Young 80 Starter
Zion Williamson 80 Starter
Donnovan Mitchell 80 Starter
Jayson Tatum 80 Starter
Nikola Jokic 80 Starter
Joe Ingles 78 Season 1 Rewards

We hope that this guide helps you understand the mechanism of Evolution Cards. So, gear up to enhance your MyTeam experience and improve your overall performance with these evolution cards.

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