Madden NFL 22 Tips

With these Madden NFL 22 Tips, we'll be showing you the ropes of the game and how you can improve your overall gameplay experience

The latest installment to the long-running series Madden NFL is about to launch, and here’s all you need to know about it. In this guide, we’ll go through the essential Madden NFL 22 Tips and tricks you can use on the football field and achieve your desired goal.

Madden NFL 22 Tips

The latest installment is on the horizon, and the EA developers have also promised some recent updates on the game this year. Keeping that in mind, we’ve combined our best tips and tricks that’ll help you play Madden NFL 22 with maximum effort.

Defining Play Style in NFL 22

One of the essential Madden NFL 22 Tips to master is to define your play style. While you’re in your practice field, figure out what role suits you the best in the team.

For example, you could be a great runner, passer, spread, or a compression player. It will help if you think through the play style that suits you the best and define it further.

This will help you determine the best scheme, playbook, and team for the playstyle you have. There could be chances that your playstyle doesn’t match the team you’re hoping to play with.

So look through what suits you the best and will enhance your performance in the game. For example, if you’re a run-based player, the Packers are not the ideal team. However, choosing for teams like 49Ers and Cowboys can match up with your ability.

Practice Mode

Along with defining your play style, practicing is also an important part when it comes to performing better. Practicing allows you to test every adjustment, coverage, and settings in the game.

Spending your time in practice mode allows you to understand the field better and lets you play better against every coverage.

80/20 Analysis

While playing in the field, you need to study what formula has worked best for your team so far. The 80/20 analysis basically means that 80% of the positive results will come from the 20% of input you’re giving.

You need to carve down the 20% of plays that result into the 80% positive results. Once you’ve figured out the plays that help you the most in the field, master them. Mix and match the plays that work well for you and plan your offense and defense scheme according to it.

We’ve also separately gathered some beginners tips for offense and defense that’ll help you big time while playing Madden 22.

Tips for Offense

There are a bunch of offense tips for Madden 22 that are important to know as a beginner.

QB Slide

When you’re on the field, protecting the ball becomes very important for you. If you have happened to commit even one turnover, chances are you’ll lose soon. So sliding here becomes very crucial for you.

To be able to slide in Madden 22, you have to press your X key if you’re on Xbox and square key if you’re on PlayStation. This enables you to slide any players on the field, especially the quarterbacks.

In case you want to cover up the ball, hold your RB key on Xbox or R1 key on PlayStation.

Slowing Down Pass Rushers

Pass Rushers can sometimes be hard to handle, and you need a little more help. To slow these guys down, press your LB key on Xbox or L1k key on PlayStation while at the line of scrimmage, and you’ll have a bunch of options pop up.

Using the right stick, select your double team. Then by using the left stick, move it towards the defense player you want to double team with. Then to confirm it, simply press A on Xbox or X on PlayStation.

Flipping your Play

You make it harder for the defense team to make adjustments by flipping your play, and you get more perks on offense. The best part is that you can flip the play even before you enter the field.

To do so, press the RT if on Xbox or the RT on PlayStation.  Now to flip the direction without disturbing the formation, press your left or right stick. Now hit X on Xbox or square on PlayStation to flip the entire play.

Further, press the RT on Xbox or R2 on a PlayStation to flip all of your formations and switch to the other side.

Possession Catch

Use the possession catch to avoid big hits. Use this when you’re on the side-line and have your feet in the bounds. Press A key on Xbox or X on PlayStation and click the player you threw the catch at.

Run After the Catch

To catch the ball in a stride, simply click onto the player you threw at and press X on Xbox or square on PlayStation. This especially helps when you want to avoid the receiver getting caught from behind.

Aggressive Catch

Use the aggressive catch when your receiver is covered with players around him. Make a high point throw so the receiver could avoid the defender from coming in the way. Press Y on Xbox and triangle on PlayStation.

No Huddle

Use the Y key on XBOX or triangle Key on PlayStation to make your player hurry up to the line if they are in the bounds.

Spike the Ball

Use the B key on Xbox or the circle key on PlayStation. It helps your player to hurry up in the line.

Call an Audible

To Audible, make sure your team is present in the line of scrimmage. Now press the X key on Xbox or square key on PlayStation to bring up the audible screen to change play call. Now press left or right to call a play and press the icon you’d like the new play call to be.

Tips for Defense

Other than the common defense tips, some of these crucial techniques will help you while playing Madden 22.


To evade the defenders, you can do the spins and move forward in the field. However, to successfully execute a spin, you must be very precise with it.

First, you need to take a few steps back and have yourself some space to do a spin. Now press the B key for Xbox or circle key for PlayStation.

Defender Man to Man Coverage

You need to touch your defense adjustments first to put the defender into a man-to-man coverage. Press the Y key on Xbox or triangle key on PlayStation to bring up the defensive adjustments. Then press these keys again to have the quick adjustments pop up.

Now choose the button that links to the defender you want to man up with and select man coverage with the left stick. And then, finally, press the button that correlates with the offense you want.

Cross Man Defense

Cross Man Defense is beneficial in terms of stopping from crossing routes or dragging the routes. To do so, press Y on Xbox or triangle on PlayStation and press these keys again for quick adjustments.

Now press the button that links to the safety you want to cross man with and select man coverage. Then, press the button that correlates with the offensive player.

Changing Defender’s Assignment

If you want to change a defender’s assignment, simply click on that player and press A on Xbox or X on PlayStation to bring the adjustments. Now choose what position you would wish for them to have and confirm it.

Hard Flats

Use these to avoid the short passes. Make use out of it when you want to cover the flats in short-yardage circumstances.

Cloud Flats

It allows you to cover routes, curl routes, and corner routes. In addition, it is used for medium yardage situations where the other team can quickly throw towards flats but only pick up few yards.

Soft Squats

These are very helpful if you want to cover some deep corners and are beneficial in short-yardage situations.

Shade Coverages

In Madden 22, you can have your shade coverage from the top, underneath, inside, and outside. You use this to defend an area of the field that you want to be protected. In addition, using the man-to-man defense can significantly make it more effective than the zone defense.

Simply press the Y key on Xbox or triangle key on PlayStation to bring your defense adjustment options. Now flick your right stick to the directions for the coverages you want to be shaded, and then confirm it.

We suggest you only shade the coverages you’re confident with, as a wrong pick can cause a considerable loss.

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