Naughty Dog Won’t Downgrade The Last Of Us 2 Graphics Before Release

Naughty Dog has said that it doesn't intend to downgrade the Last Of Us 2 graphics before the game releases, despite the fears of some gamers.

Though many players might have feared that The Last Of Us 2 graphics would be getting downgraded when the game releases, Naughty Dog has said that that won’t be happening. They’ve also teased a few other little details, such as the possibility that Ellie won’t be the only playable character.

Graphics downgrades between a game’s E3 showings and the game’s actual release date have been something of a constant fear among many gamers ever since Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs had its graphics downgraded from its trailer benchmark to a lower benchmark when it released. While Watch Dogs 2 didn’t have that issue, and that’s not a fear for many other games, apparently players are worried about the Last Of Us 2 graphics.

The Last Of Us 2 finally got a good bit of gameplay at E3 this year, and the game looked amazing, with better lighting, more varied environments, and brutally realistic deaths. But the fear that the Last Of Us 2 graphics would meet a downgrade is still a fear that Naughty Dog had to address, and hopefully they’re telling the truth.

Another thing that the studio hinted at is that Ellie might not be the only character that we get to play as in the game, despite a statement several weeks ago saying just that. While Ellie is the principal character, it’s possible that Joel might be coming with her for one last ride. While it’s not confirmed right now (Naughty Dog has only said that Ellie as the only playable character might change in the future), it’s still something to possibly look forward to.

However, even with this new brace of information from Naughty Dog we still don’t have that much information about The Last Of Us 2; we don’t know the plot, any characters, or what sort of places we’ll be traveling to. Hopefully in the future as we get closer to release, Naughty Dog will give us some more information to pore over.

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