Watch Dogs 2 Graphics Will Not Be Downgraded

The Watch Dogs 2 graphics will not be downgraded according to a statement by Ubisoft, after the first game got criticism for the same thing happening.

The Watch Dogs 2 graphics that we’ll be seeing when the game comes out later this year, according to Ubisoft’s Dominic Guay. The statement was necessary considering what happened when the first Watch Dogs game launched after debuting at E3 2012 that June. Watch Dogs 2 will thankfully have none of that, if Ubisoft is telling the truth.

One of the biggest problems that people cited with Watch Dogs when it came out in 2014 was that it had apparently undergone a significant graphical downgrade from its E3 showings, which had won praise for being a beautiful-looking game. Unfortunately the downgrade in 2014 was noticed, giving Ubisoft a lot of criticism.

The problem was made even worse when someone dug into the game’s files, and showed that the graphics could actually be activated to make it like the E3 showing without any noticeable loss in performance. Those incidents contributed to the game being seen as mediocre by many gamers despite its hacking and mission variety, and its positive reviews by many reviewers.

Now that Watch Dogs 2 graphics have been confirmed to not be undergoing a downgrade like the first game’s, however, the sequel is looking better and better as things go along. We got to see a significant bit of gameplay when the game premiered at E3 2016, with the nighttime San Francisco skyline looking beautiful.

Considering we’re going to be seeing the entire city of San Francisco, with its beaches, its huge buildings, and its bright skyline, Ubisoft is likely putting out the statement to reassure Watch Dogs fans that they won’t have to worry about the game not looking as advertised when it comes out.

This, added to the game’s changed gameplay, its improved multiplayer, and a new cast of characters, will hopefully make the Watch Dogs 2 graphics only a part of what will hopefully be one of the best games of the year.

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