How To Get Stronghold Keycards Fast In MW3 Zombies 

Stronghold keycards are needed to access mercenary strongholds in MW3 Zombies. Here is how you can find them.

In Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Zombies, you will encounter Mercenary Strongholds that are buildings swarming with relentless zombies, loot caches, and valuable treasures. These can be accessed only with special keycards. However, unlike the MW2’s DMZ, the MW3 Zombies offer multiple locations to get your hands on these stronghold keycards.

Whether you opt to go a daring assault on mercenary camps or purchase from buy stations, the pursuit of Stronghold Keycards promises a thrilling encounter. 

This guide covers detailed information on MW3 Zombies stronghold keycards, embrace the challenge and get ready to arm yourself with Keycard to explore the depts of fortified Strongholds. 

Mercenary Convoys 

Mercenary Convoys provide a thrilling opportunity to obtain Stronghold Keycards. Players must track down these convoys and eliminate the mercenaries guarding them. Once you’ve defeated the convoy’s commander, there’s a chance they will drop a Stronghold Keycard as loot. 

Mercenary Outposts 

Like convoys, raiding Mercenary Outposts is another chance to acquire the keycards by defeating high-level human enemies.  

Loot Caches 

A lesson common method of acquiring the Stronghold Keycard is through loot caches. Keep your eyes open for scattered, hidden loot caches despite the size. 

Buy Stations 

The most reliable means of getting your hands on Stronghold Keycards is purchasing from buy stations. Each keycard costs 2,000 Essence. 

Tips to Consider While Searching for Stronghold Keycards 

  • The drop rate of Stronghold Keycards can vary, adding an element of unpredictability to the game. 
  • Essence is an important resource. Focus on increasing your essence to purchase a keycard or other upgrades. 
  • While raiding, focus on grinding the snipers first, especially in the Mercenary Camps.
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