Where To Get Sentry Guns In MW3 Zombies

Sentry Guns are deployable turrets in MW3 Zombies you can use to mow down hordes of zombies and mercenaries. Here's how to get them.

In the violent world of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Zombies, Sentry Guns stand as a formidable weapon. They are capable of laying down suppressive fire and eliminating multiple enemies together. The main challenge lies in acquiring these Sentry Guns in MW3 Zombies. 

There are multiple ways to get them. This guide will help you hunt down places to find the Sentry Gun.  

Purchasing Sentry Guns from the Buy Stations 

The most reliable method to obtain a Sentry Gun is through Buy Stations located in Medium Threat zones. A shopping cart icon on the minimap marks these stations. Farm up 2,000 Essence Points to purchase this ultimate grinding weapon! 

To ensure getting your hands on the Sentry Gun, prioritize earning Essence early in the game (by completing contracts). Once you have done so, head to the Medium Threat zone and purchase your weapon.  

Alternate Means of Acquiring the Sentry Gun 

While purchasing the sentry guns seems the most consistent approach in MW3 Zombies, you can also use some of the following means: 

Supply Crates 

You have a slim chance of finding Sentry Gun in Supply Crates scattered across the Medium and High Threat zone areas


Completing contracts occasionally reward players with scorestreaks, including Sentry Guns.  

Reward Rifts 

While exceedingly rare, Sentry Guns can be obtained from Reward Rifts, which appear upon completing certain objectives. 

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