MW3 Zombies Best Items to Sell 

In MW3 Zombies, you can sell your excess items to get a good profit in form of essence. Here are the best items you should sell in the game.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is not just about good aim or quick reflexes; it also uses strategic decision-making. You must maximize your arsenal with the best equipment and do this with the in-game currency called Essence. This helps in purchasing Perks, Pack-a-Punch your weapons, and activating killstreaks. One of the best ways to do this is by selling items you don’t need in MW3 Zombies.

If you’re one of the savvy players looking to increase your in-game wealth, this guide is your guide on some of the top MW3 Zombies sell items that can grow your essence. 

MW3 Zombies Selling Items Explained

To sell your items, make your way to the buy stations and interact with it. Choose the sell items option and you will trade your items for essence.

Hard Drives 

If you’re heading to office buildings, get your hands on hard drives worth 160 essence. This item holds a common rarity; it is found throughout the map and can be stacked. 

Gun Cleaning Oils 

Gun cleaning oils are essential to your arsenal, making them hard to obtain. This rarity makes one of the best items to sell, costing over 350 essence

Duplicate Weapons 

Ranging from sniper rifles to SMG or shotguns, every gun has a different rarity than the other and varying costs. If you have a duplicate high-tier weapon, sell it for a handsome profit. 



Gears can be sold for different prices depending on their type. If you have a duplicate gas mask or armour, you can make a good share by selling these items. 

Selling Tips 

Here are some points you need to consider when selling your items on MW3 Zombies: 

  • Sell the items that are not in use to clear up space in your inventory. 
  • Sell duplicate items. 
  • Keep checking on the price and rarity of items. 

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