How To Get PHD Flopper Explosions In MW3 Zombies

The PHD Flopper is an amazing perk a cola in MW3 zombies that can help you clear waves of zombies in a single explosion. Here's how to get it

In the chaotic world of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Zombies, you need to adapt, overcome, and improvise. This will allow you to survive if you wish to stand against the unending undead horde on the battlefield. The PHD Flopper can give you a chance of survival in MW3 Zombies. 

If you are looking for PHD Flopper Perks, here’s a complete guide highlighting the possible locations. 

Perk Machine 

Purchase PHD Flopper for 2000 Essence from the PHD Flopper Perk Machine. Use Tac Map to locate the nearest Perk Machines. 

Use schematics to craft your very own PHD Flopper. 

Head to the loadout menu and open your backpack, select the Add Item option. Then proceed to Schematic Crafting and find PHD Flopper. This gets you a free perk without any additional cost. 

Contract Rewards 

Complete a contract and get a PHD Flopper Schematic or a PHD Flopper Can as a reward. However, note that these rewards are randomly generated. 

Loot Caches 

There are rare chances that you might find PHD flopper inside a Loot Cache. So always check them.

Free PHD Flopper Can 

If you are looking for a free PHD Flopper can, head to the Shahin Manor location. Go inside the building and make your way to the rooftop. Once at the roof, jump into the pool next to Mister Peeks and unlock a free PHD Flopper Perk. 

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