MW3 Zombies Operation Deadbolt Mission Guide

The MW3 Zombies consists of three acts. Each act is made up of several missions across different tiers. The first act is called Operation Deadbolt that has many missions across 6 tiers.

Operation Deadbolt: Nothing gets in, nothing gets out – is the first act of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Zombies. This begins with Zakhaev’s men releasing vials of Aetherium into a city, causing a complete outbreak. This mission contains the emergency contingency plan brought into action by the CIA. Operation Deadbolt is divided into six tiers of missions containing 20 challenges in MW3 Zombies.

These will be available in varying in difficulty levels. With every mission complete, you can unlock a new reward. Your ultimate goal will be to complete all the objectives and extract with your team. Here is all the information available on the missions, rewards, and safety measures for Operation Deadbolt. 

MW3 Zombies Operation Deadbolt Tier 1 Mission 

Tier 1 contains 6 different missions in it, and you need to complete them all. Here are all the details you need about tier 1 missions: 

Direct Call Ping a contract on the map and complete it. Exfil afterward and complete the mission.Jugger-Nog Can 1500 XP 
Treasure Hunter Open 25 loot caches. Anything you contain here will be considered a loot cache. Instant Insanity Sticker 1500 XP 
Road Rage Purchase a weapon from the mystery box, kill and kill 50 zombies with it. Stamin-Up Can 1500 XP 
Wall Power Purchase a weapon from a wall and kill 50 zombies with it. Smoked Emblem 1500 XP 
Firepower Pack-a-punch a weapon to level 1 and kill 50 zombies with it. Uncommon Aether Tool 1500 XP 
Take Up Arms Purchase a weapon from the mystery box, and kill 50 zombies with it. Cryofreeze Ammo Mod 1500 XP 
MW3 Zombies Deadbolt Tier 1 missions explained

MW3 Zombies Operation Deadbolt Tier 2 Mission 

After completion of tier 1 missions, the second tier contains a solo mission. 

Interceptor Destroy the mercenary convoy. Pick up the stronghold keycards dropped by the mercenaries.  Bone Rattle Weapon Blueprint 3000 XP 
MW3 Zombies Deadbolt Tier Missions explained

MW3 Zombies Operation Deadbolt Tier 3 Mission 

Tier 3 contains the following 5 challenges ranging from easy to difficult: 

Freezer Burn Slow down 50 zombies and 10 hellhounds with Cry Freeze Ammo ModBaseball Fan Calling Card 1500 XP 
Minelayer Kill 25 zombies and mercenaries with Energy Mine Field Upgrade. Rare Aether Tool 1500 XP 
Pit Stop Refuel 3 different vehicles at the gas station. Double XP Token Consumable 1500 XP 
Saboteur Complete the Aether Extractor Contract and kill 15 mercenaries while guarding extractors to Exfil with Uncommon Aether Tool Plans. Hamlet Charm 1500 XP 
Automated Backup Activate 3 deadbolt turrets with Ammo Mod Circuit boards. Death Perception 1500 XP 
MW3 Zombies Deadbolt Tier 3 missions and rewards

Operation Deadbolt Tier 4 Mission 

Operation Deadbolt contains the following tier 4 missions: 

Infiltrator Acquire the stronghold keycard and clear the terminus outcomes. Then, retrieve the terminus outcomes record from the stronghold safe. Raw Aetherium 3000 XP 
MW3 Zombies Deadbolt Tier 4 Missions and Rewards

Operation Deadbolt Tier 5 Mission 

Tier 5 has the following 6 missions along with their objectives and rewards: 

Hands Off Use a sentry gun to kill 20 zombies, and 10 mercenaries with sentry guns. Acquire cyphered tablets. Use a sentry gun to kill 20 zombies and 10 mercenaries with sentry guns. Acquire cyphered tablets. 
Blasted Use Shatter Blast Ammo Mod to take out the armor on 25 zombies. Acquire Cyphered TabletNapalm Burst Ammo Mod 1500 XP 
Bring Em On Kill 50 zombies with Frenzied Guard Field Upgrade. Kill a spectral/elite enemy with Frenzied Guard Field Upgrade active. Acquire a cyphered tablet. Double Weapon XP Token Consumable 1500 XP 
Hostile Takeover Kill 50 enemies and loot 3 safes while drilling safes. Masked and Angry Charm 1500 XP 
Chaperon Get a gas mask and destroy an Aether Nest acquire cyphered tablet Rare Aether Tool 1500 XP 
Nest Wrecker Get a gas mask and destroy an Aether Nest. Acquire a cyphered tablet Shatter Blast Ammo Mod 1500 XP 
MW3 Zombies Operation Deadbolt tier 5 missions and rewards

MW3 Zombie Operation Deadbolt Tier 6 Mission 

The last and final Tier contains the extraction mission. 

Where’s Dr. Jansen Complete the contract and extract Dr. Jansen’s tablet exfil Ride and Die Calling Card 3000 XP 
MW3 Zombies Operation Deadbolt tier 6 missions and rewards

Tips to Survive Operation Deadbolt  

If you want to survive the MW3 Operation Deadbolt, here are a few handy tricks to help you! 

  1. Get your hands on high-rarity weapons from the mystery box, loots, or wall buys to stand a better chance against the undead hordes. 
  1. Earn fast points and rewards by completing contracts; the collected rewards will help you upgrade your weapons. 
  1. Complete the story missions to unlock bone collector zombie skin and make your stops at buy stations to get new tools to upgrade your arsenal and survive the zombie mode. 
  1. If you’re looking for the big fish, tackle the mercenary convoy, as the loot is worth it! 
  1. Upgrade your weapon to the next rarity using Aether tools; similarly, Pack-a-punch crystal upgrades your weapon. 

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