How to get Gas Masks in MW3 Zombies

A gas mask is protective equipment that will shield against Aether in MW3 Zombies. There are different ways to get it. Here's how.

A gas mask proves viable in destroying the Aether Nest locations in the MW3 Zombies. While the simplest way is to purchase it, the hard way is to find them from the mercenary groups. It helps you protect against the harmful effects of the Aether.

So, it’s nice to have this item in your game. Here are some helpful tips on getting your hands on gas masks. 


With battlefields crawling with enemies, most of which are equipped with gas masks, you can eliminate mercenaries to get your hands on your gas mask in MW3 Zombies. If you’re having difficulty finding mercenaries, head to a mercenary stronghold or take a contract and finish it. Merc cache loots are another ideal choice to get this equipment. 

Buy Stations 

You can always purchase gas masks from Buy Stations for 1000 Essence. So, if you’re low on ammo and wish to avoid shooting mercenaries, this is the perfect choice. 

Can the Gas Mask be Reused? 

If you’ve not used it all up, gas masks are reusable in the next mission. Play it smart, damage aether nests quickly, and you get to keep the gas masks for multiple matches. 

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