How To Get Dead Wire Ammo Mod In MW3 Zombies 

The Dead Wire Mod is an amazing ammo mod that stuns zombies in MW3 Zombies and even makes some explode. Here's how to get it.

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Zombies, ammo mods are critical in giving new effects to your weapon. The Dead Wire stands out among these ammo mods due to its stunning effect. When a zombie is shot with the Dead Wire ammo mod, it will be stunned and take damage over time in MW3 Zombies. When the zombie dies, it will release a surge of energy that can damage nearby zombies. 

Unlike other Ammo Mods, Dead Wire can be obtained via different means. You can craft them via schematics, discovering chests or caches scattered across the Urzikstan map. Additionally, these can be found within the Aether Nests area.  

Clear Aether Nests and Infested Strongholds 

aether nest cleared mw3 zombies

Aether Nests and Infested Strongholds are marked on your Tac-Map with hexagon icons. Once you have cleared out the enemies, look for loot caches inside. The contents of loot caches are random, but there’s a chance you will find a Dead Wire Ammo Mod inside. 

Complete Contracts 

contracts complete mw3 zombies

You can also get Dead Wire Ammo Mod from completing contracts. 

Crafting Schematics 

You can craft the mod yourself if you have the Dead Wire Ammo Mod Schematics in MW3 Zombies. The Schematics can be acquired through Reward Rifts. 

Once you have your hands on the Dead Wire Ammo Mod, use it to upgrade your weapon and start the grinding! Here are some tips for using the Dead Wire Ammo Mod: 

  • Use Dead Wire on a weapon with a high rate of fire, like an assault rifle or SMG, as it will maximize the number of zombies you can stun or slow down. 
  • Use the Dead Wire to thin out a large group of zombies, the electric damage and chain lightening will help you take down enemies quickly! 
  • Use the Dead Wire to take down special zombies like Disciples and Manglers quickly without taking any damage. 
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