Monster Hunter World Iceborne Ore Locations Guide

This is the complete guide to all the locations where you can find various ores and materials in Monster Hunter World Iceborne

The guide below lists all the Monster Hunter World Iceborne Ores along with all the Mining Outcrop locations the Ores are located on. When mining outcrops, each gives you 3 ore which includes any ores from the map.

Red and Blue ores outcrops are available, on Master Rank difficulty, which drops different types of ore. Revisiting old maps from the main game rewards you with new ore. Ores can be redeemed at the Steamworks in Seliana for fuel, and can also be used for crafting.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Ore Locations

The tables below consist of the Mining Outcrop Locations in normal areas as well as and Guiding Lands (where the outcrops spawn randomly). Depending on whether you are minding a blue outcrop or red, the ore material you loot will be different.

Locations Blue Outcrop Red Outcrop
Ancient Forest Meldspar Ore Eltalite Ore Dragonvein Coal Spiritvein Crystal Dragoncore Ore Dragonvein Shard
Wildspire Waste Eltalite Ore Meldspar Ore Purecrystal Novacrystal Dragoncore Ore Dragonvein Coal Dreamcore Ore Spiritvein Crystal Dragonvein Shard
Coral Highlands Purecrystal Bathycite Ore Eltalite Ore Meldspar Ore Dragoncore Ore Dragonvein Coal Dragonvein Shard Spiritvein Crystal
Rotten Vale Meldspar Ore Eltalite Ore Purecrystal Dreamcore Ore Spiritvein Crystal Dragonvein Shard
Elder’s Recess Fucium Ore Eltalite Ore Firecell Stone Meldspar Ore Spiritvein Crystal Dragonvein Shard Dreamcore Ore
Hoarfrost Reach Gracium Meldspar Ore Dragonvein Shard Eltalite Ore Purecrystal Spiritvein Crystal Dreamcore Ore Dragonvein Shard Dragonvein Coal

Guiding Lands
Guiding lands only have blue outcrops so if an item is located in red outcrops, you will not be able to find it in here. These variants of normal locations are only accessible as part of Master Rank in Monster Hunter World Iceborne.

Locations Materials
Ancient Forest Area Decayed Crystal Dragonvein Coal Forest Crystal Prosperous Crystal Dragonvein Coal Chunk
Wildspire Waste Area Cracked Crystal Wasteland Crystal Dragonvein Shard Serene Crystal
Coral Highlands Area Dragonvein Shard Coral Crystal Pale Crystal Deepsea Crystal Dragonvein Coal Chunk Guiding Coral Crystal
Rotten Vale Area Distorted Crystal Dragonvein Shard Effluvial Crystal Twilight Crystal Dragonvein Coal Chunk Guiding Effluvial Crystal

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