Monster Hunter World Iceborne Bone Locations

Bones are required to upgrade and craft new equipment and that's where this bone location guide will help you in MHW Iceborne DLC

In Monster Hunter World Iceborne, bones are a Master Rank Material that you collect for the purpose of upgrading your Equipment and performance out in the field. You can find these as drops or hidden in piles. The Iceborne DLC has brought even more bone locations for Frozen Bones. This guide covers all the bones you can find in the DLC.

Iceborne Bone Locations

You obtain Frozen Bones is by looting bone piles. Each pile gives you 3 bones. You can search through piles by walking up to them and pressing Circle or B.  Do this 3 times in a row to find more bones.

Below are the locations where you can find normal or frozen bones in Monster Hunter World

Ancient Forest

You can obtain the Thick Bone, Dragonbone Artifact and Ancient Bone from Bone Piles in this region. Ancient Bone is exclusive to this region and can be obtained by heading between the bone pile on the beach in area 4 and the bone pile in area 2. You can also find it between areas 6, 7 and 8.

Wildspire Waste

You can find the Dragonbone Artifact, Boulder Bone and Thick Bone here. Area 5 has three piles containing the Boulder Bone almost right next to each other. Go North-East from the Southwestern Camp and head up the narrower pathway that leads to area 5 to find two of the piles. The last one is just north of there.

Coral Highlands (Master Rank)
Coral Highlands bone locations

The bone piles in this location contain Thick Bones and one more type that’s exclusive to this region: The Coral Bone. The latter can be found throughout areas 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and 13.

Rotten Vale (Master Rank)
This area has the Thick Bone, Rare Dragonbone Relic, and the Warped Bone.

The Warped Bone is exclusive to this and can be found in piles in areas 1, 2, 4 and 5. Areas 2 and 4 provide the richest harvest. Go north of the Northern camp in area 2 to get the first piles then head to the clearing in area 4 for the other two piles.

Elder’s Recess (Master Rank)

Bone piles in this region reward you with the Dragonbone Artifact, Thick Bones and the Brutal Bone. That last one is exclusive to this region and can be found in piles around areas 3, 5, 8 and 15.

Hoarfrost Reach (Master Rank)
This newly added region has Frozen Bone, Thick Bone, and Dragonbone Artifact.

Try sticking by the north side of the first floor to find 8 of the Thick Bones. 2 are in Zone 7’s northern dead end, 4 are in zone 6 and the other 2 in zone 5.

There’s one Frozen Bone along the eastern wall of zone 2 and another in the south of zone 3. Two more Frozen bones can be found at the east and west sides of zone 5, by the east and west walls. You can also find 2 from zone 6’s dead-end tunnel and 2 more by its eastern border. The two on Frozen Bones are in the Northern tunnel within zone 7.

The second floor has 4 Thick Bones all close together in zone 9 with 2 more in zone 10 and 4 in zone 8.  There are also 4 Frozen Bones in zone 8’s Southern Tunnel and in the two chambers in the North East. There are four Frozen Bones in zone 9 and 2 more along the North Wall of zone 10.

Guiding Lands
Bone piles in this region contain the

  • Crystalized Bone Shard
  • Guiding Forest Dragonbone
  • Mossy Greatbone
  • Slumbering Greatbone
  • Woodland Greatbone

However certain bones here are acquired as drops from monsters and enemies.

  • Dragonvein Solidbone Elder
  • Dragonvein Bone
  • Fierce Dragonvein Bone
  • Heavy Dragonvein Bone
  • Monster Slogbone
  • Monster Solidbone
  • Large Elder Dragon Bone
  • Spiritvein Slogbone
  • Spiritvein Solidbone
  • Tempered Cragbone


Tip: Once you visit these areas and collect the bones, you can take them back to the fast travel point then return later to collect more.