Monster Hunter: World Iceborne Monsters Locations Guide – Where to Find, How to Kill

In our Monster Hunter: World Iceborne Monsters Guide, we have shared all the locations and tips to kill these new monsters in the Iceborne expansion.

Monster Hunter: World Iceborne expansion is coming in a few days to PlayStation and Xbox and here we have a guide for you with all the information about new monsters in the game. There will be more monsters coming and this list will keep changing, as we explore through the Iceborne expansion.

Monster Hunter: World Iceborne Monsters

This guide will detail everything you need to know about these monsters, finding them, and defeating them for various rewards.


  • Weak points: Head, legs
  • Elemental weaknesses: Fire
  • Element: Ice
  • Status afflictions: Iceblight

It’s a raged brute of Brute Wyvern species, an inhabitant of the Hoarfrost Reach. Banbaro is a big monster with curved antlers and quite enraged if it is provoked. It will not attack you but if it senses any intruder or you provoke him, its attacks will be fierce. It uses its antlers to pick up huge trees and use these big surrounding items as weapons. After some charges, banbaro will slam the ground as he is lifting his head up to slam the ground, run to its backside to get a few hits.

  • You must avoid its charged attacks as they take a large toll on hunter’s health. They attack in a straight line so you can dodge that and attack from side.
  • Avoid the things it throws at you as weapons.
  • Avoid the Iceblight that Banbaro can throw at you at any time during the fight.
  • Banbaro can be fighting Beotodus when you find it, so you can take the advantage and attack it when it’s distracted.


  • Weak points: Head, tail, legs
  • Elemental weaknesses: Fire (best), Thunder
  • Element: Ice
  • Status afflictions: Iceblight

A snowy region native from Piscine Wyvern species. Under the layer that covers the Hoarfrost Reach, you will most probably find Beotodus diving. It has a huge horn and as he is under the snow so it will attack you from below by bursting out of snow.

  • If it is hiding under snow you can force it out with sonic bombs, just throw it towards Beotodus and it will temporarily stun it, then you can whittle it down with attacks.
  • Keep a check on the snow under your feet, a shaking area under means that’s where Beotodus will emerge from.
  • Use earplugs to avoid getting stunned by a hard screech that Beotodus let out sometimes.
  • You can attack it while it’s busy fighting Banbaro and take advantage.

Shrieking Legiana

  • Weak points: Head, tail, legs
  • Elemental weaknesses: Fire (best), Thunder
  • Element: Ice
  • Status afflictions: Iceblight

It is from the Flying Wyvern species and inhabitant of Hoarfrost Reach. It is just a variant of the original Legiana that is shrouded in frost. It overwhelms the attacker with its icicles. It also has the ability of iceblight but also a weakness of Thunder Fire.

  • It spins around often and uses its tail to make a sweep attack, you look out for that.
  • It also attacks a projectile of snowstorm and you should look out for that and dodge these attacks.


  • Weak points: Head, tail, hind legs
  • Elemental weaknesses: Thunder (best), Fire
  • Element: N/A
  • Status afflictions: Bleed, Poison

It is a species of Flying Wyvern and lives in Ancient Forest. It is a stealthy predator with very fast speed. It has very good and strong attacks, its tail is spiked that it swings to make a tail slam. It has sharp blades on its forelimbs that are used to tear the prey apart. Its eyes become blazing red when its enraged. Its tail gets stuck in the ground after performing tail slam which gives the hunter good amount of time to strike back.

  • It has very good speed and it will always be moving around to make you chase it. You can immobilize Nargacuga by using shock traps and then unload your attacks on it. You can also inflict sleep on Nargacuga, it is also very effective.
  • You must dodge its tail slam attacks as they are very dangerous and inflicts lots of damage if connected well. You can attack when its tail is stuck in the ground.
  • You should have Astera Jerkies, as they can heal the bleeding from tail attacks of Nargacuga.
  • You may find Nargacuga fighting other monsters so you must take advantage of that and attack Nargacuga when its occupied.


  • Weak points: Head, forelegs, tail
  • Elemental weaknesses: Thunder (best), Dragon
  • Element: Ice
  • Status afflictions: Iceblight

It is a Roaring Wyvern species living in Ancient Forest. It has very high mobility and speed is its strong point. It uses a scream to stun you or can through big boulders as well. It is an extremely difficult monster to deal with if its raged.

  • Tigrex will attack you right after throwing a boulder projectile at you, be ready for that and after you dodge the attack that is the right time to attack it. But you can get caught and for that, you must keep nulberries with you to counter the effect of blight.
  • Use the earplugs to deal with that scream and avoid getting stunned.


  • Weak points: Head, tail, belly
  • Elemental weaknesses: Water (best), Ice, Dragon
  • Element: Fire
  • Status afflictions: Fireblight, Bleeding

It is a species of Brute Wyvern and it lives in Ancient Forest. It uses its huge sword-like tail to attack its prey. It might be from Brute Wyvern but it is very intelligent. It has a burning throat of hot flames that it can throw at you or it can use it to lighten up its tail that causes blasts when swung.

  • You should invest in fire-resistant armors as with higher fire resistance you can take more of Glavenus’ fire elemental attacks.
  • You must avoid confined spaces as they will prevent you from moving and you will easily be caught in the attacks.
  • You can use Shock traps to halt the movement of Glavenus and attack it in that moment.

Fulgur Anjanath

  • Weak points: Head, tail
  • Elemental weaknesses: Ice (best), Water
  • Element: Thunder
  • Status afflictions: Thunderblight

An inhabitant of Hoarfrost reach and a subspecies of Anjanath, it is a pale blue creature with fur lining on the back. It uses lightning to its advantage very well and can combine its attacks with lightning to make it more futile.

  • You should not charge on it blindly as it is very fierce like other members of its species, go for dodging its attacks as much as you can and wait for the right moment and look for some opening to attack.
  • Keep an eye on its lightening mucus projectile that it creates by charging its mucus with electricity and used as a projectile attack.
  • Use nulberries if you get caught and cure yourself with those.

Ebony Odogaron

  • Weak points: Head, forelegs, tail
  • Elemental weaknesses: Water (best), Fire, Thunder, Ice
  • Element: Dragon
  • Status afflictions: Dragonblight, Bleeding

It is a modified version of the original Odogaron and a very powerful one. It is from Fanged Wyvern species and a habitant of coral highlands. It emits black smoke from its mouth. It inflicts very powerful dragon blight on enemies and to attack from distance it emits chunks of flesh of its prey from its mouth.

  • Look out for the projectile attack of flesh and dodge.
  • Don’t get caught in Dragonblight.


  • Weak points: Head, tail, legs
  • Elemental weaknesses: Fire (best), Thunder
  • Element: Ice
  • Status afflictions: Iceblight

A flying wyvern species and an inhabitant of Hoarfrost Reach, this fierce creature has spikes all over its forelimbs, neck, and spine. It uses its tail and iceblight to attack. Its powerful attacks are cyclone shot and homing glide attack. Its cat-like appearance make it a very agile and fast predator.

  • It has a variety of ice attacks and having an ice-resistant armor can help you big time while fighting Barioth.
  • You can cut off its tail when it is attacking you with its tail, you should avoid to a side that gives you big opening and you make sure to cut off its tail to reduce its reach.
  • Use shock traps to immobilize it for a while and use this time as a chance to inflict some big damage on Barioth.


  • Weak points: Face, tail, arms
  • Elemental weaknesses: Ice (best), Water
  • Element: N/A
  • Status afflictions: Blastblight

An inhabitant of Elder’s Recess and from the species of Brute Wyvern. It attacks by a powerful leaping punch to create a large shock wave on the ground. Its main attacks are using its slime coated fists. This slime bursts in an explosion when it’s on the enemy inflicting even more damage.

  • You can use Evade extender, this skill increases the distance you cover while dodging. This will be very helpful while fighting Brachydios.
  • Use shock traps to immobilize Brachydios and attack with heavy damage attacks when getting opening.
  • As it is a very fast creature and when its raged it gives you no time to catch your breath, you can always bring some dash juice with you to get some quick energy boost.

Acidic Glavenus

  • Weak points: Head, tail
  • Elemental weaknesses: Fire (best), Dragon, Thunder
  • Element: N/A
  • Status afflictions: Defense Down

A Brute Wyvern species, living in Rotten Vale. It is a subspecies of Glavenus that is modified to get a Sulphur coated tail that can melt your armor. It is just like Glavenus but with more danger of acid. It has mind-boggling speed.

  • You should try to equip the iron skin skill beforehand, as this will reduce the defense duration to some extent or even nullify it.
  • You can also bring armor skins to counter the effects of that acid. Adamant seeds can also help you with that. But you should prefer armor skins.

Coral Pukei-Pukei

  • Weak points: Head, tail
  • Elemental weaknesses: Ice (best), Thunder
  • Element: Water
  • Status afflictions: Waterblight

It is a subspecies of Pukie-pukie but it is an inhabitant of coral. It is from Bird Wyvern. It uses pressurized water jets as projectile attacks. It can throw water beams whole doing a front flip on the ground. You should keep an eye for surprises as it is a very skilled creature.

  • It has strong water attacks so water-resistant armors will be a strong point for you to stand in the battle.
  • It can do very hard water attacks and keep an eye for water blight, you should keep nulberries with you to get a quick heal after water blight.
  • You can use Flash pods to lure pukie-pukie come crashing down. It will struggle to get out and this will give you time to give some heavy blows to it.

Viper Tobi-Kadachi

  • Weak points: Head, forelegs
  • Elemental weaknesses: Thunder (best), Ice
  • Element: N/A
  • Status afflictions: Poison

It is a subspecies of Tobi-Kadachi and inhabitant of Hoarfrost Reach. It has sharp purple spikes on its tail that contain venom. It shoots those as a projectile and they significantly weaken its enemies. It can also unleash a venom cloud over a large area.

  • As you will be dealing with loads of venom while fighting this creature, you must bring some antidotes and antidote herbs to overcome all that venom effect.
  • Stay mobile to prevent that venom cloud of venom spikes.
  • Use shock traps to immobilize it and then make a huge attack when you get a good opening.

Nightshade Paolumu

  • Weak points: Head, mane
  • Elemental weaknesses: Water (best), Fire
  • Element: N/A
  • Status afflictions: Sleep

It is a subspecies of Paolumu and an inhabitant of Wildspire Waste. It is a bat-like creature with dark fur and a ghoulish face. It has the ability to enlarge itself and it emits a numbing gas that puts its enemies to sleep.

  • When attacked by the cloud of sleeping gas, you must have some energy drinks so you do not get the effect of this numbing gas and sleep.
  • When there are clouds of gas it is very hard to go near Paolumu, so must be patient and wait for the gas to disperse and then make your move.
  • Use shock traps to immobilize it.


  • Weak points: Head, tail, wings
  • Elemental weaknesses: Fire (best), Thunder, Dragon
  • Element: Ice
  • Status afflictions: Iceblight

Valkhana is going to give you hunters some fits. He is the main antagonist of the Iceborne and the master of Hoarfrost Reach. He breaths ice from his mouth and can target you in circular motion if you’re near and can reach long distances if you’re away. His dastardly ice attacks can freeze large swaths of ground. As he is the elder dragon he can conjure ice from anything or anywhere. He is the big bad and very fast and relentless.

  • The key to this fight is going to be your motion. You will have to be on your feet all the time.
  • When it is looking right into your eyes, know that tail attack is coming. You can dodge those attacks.
  • Valkhana will make a swirling gust and will fly upwards, you should just get out of the way as it is the sign of ice storm, which can easily take you in one hit.


  • Weak points: Head, forelegs, tail
  • Elemental weaknesses: Fire (best), Dragon
  • Element: Water
  • Status afflictions: Waterblight, Thunderblight

It is also one of the elders dragons and uses a combination of water and thunder to produce many terrifying attacks. It can create water from anything and you will be sloshing on the ground in water. Most of its attacks are going to be water related.

  • Watch out for the wings of Namielle as they can easily reach you when it is rocking back and forth as they are very huge.
  • You should carry Nulberry with you it can cure many attacks from namielle.


  • Weak points: Head, belly
  • Elemental weakness: Ice (best), Water
  • Element: Thunder
  • Status afflictions: Thunderblight, Paralysis

This monster will not show up until you have spent a hell lot of time in Iceborne. It has a very unique set of attacks and can harness the power of Thunderbugs and get an electrifying power to its claws. When charged, he will be agile and fast with its attacks, but when its super charged you should know that it’s time to run for the hills. It will be super fats and will give you the run for your life.

  • When it is not charged up, then its quite slow and you can attack it easily.
  • Ice and water elemental damage will be your biggest weapon to take down this monster.

Savage Deviljho

  • Weak points: Head, belly, tail
  • Elemental weakness: Thunder (best), Dragon (best), Fire, Water
  • Element: Dragon
  • Status afflictions: Dragonblight, Defense Down

It has elemental breath attacks that can be deadly. It will hop up and down and will smash its feet on ground while attacking you with its tail.

  • You should bring traps to get this monster to rest and get some opening to attack.
  • Nulberries will be helpful with this beast as well to get rid of ailments, if any.
  • Iron skin skill, armor skin and Adamant seeds can help you out big time.
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