Monster Hunter Stories Beginners Guide

Monster Hunter Stories Beginners Guide to help you get started with the game along with some tips on Eggs, Subquests, Monsters, and more.

In this Monster Hunter Stories Beginners Guide, we have some tips and tricks for you for Monster Hunter Stories. Monster Hunter Stories has many unique features, which are not normally found in traditional RPG games. To tackle them, we have curated this Monster Hunter Stories Beginners Guide so you can easily understand the game mechanics along with some tips and trick to help you jump right in the action.

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Monster Hunter Stories Beginners Guide

Understand the Basic Mechanics

The first step is to understand the basic mechanics of the game. The game is a turn-based RPG and it has six basic interactions that you must know in order to stand a chance in the battle. They are Fight, Rider, Monstie, Items, Switch and Flee. Along with these interactions, the game also features some Quick Time Events (QTE), which must be completed correctly in order to win battles.

The Fight is the basic interaction for starting a battle. Rider is used when you want to ride a Monster. Monstie is commanding your Monster for Specific Skills which otherwise will not be available during auto-fight. Use items to boost your stats. The Switch allows you to switch to Monster with any other one in your party. Party comprises of five and you can switch to anyone, anytime. If you want to run away from a battle, you can use Flee interaction to save yourself from a hard battle.

Complete Side Quests

The game features a number of unique and fun side quests. As you visit more places, check them out for new side quests. Complete as many as you can for unique awards and experience.

Collect New and Better Eggs

Always keep a lookout for new and better eggs. Watch for the Rare Monster Den icons and normal ones to collect new eggs and hatch them for unique monsters. Rare Monsters are better than the Normal ones.

Kill Every Monster Once

Defeat almost every new monster that you see. When you defeat a monster, you will unlock the entry in your Monsterpedia and it will give you information about the stats of the monster so you can tackle it better next time you come across it.

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