Monster Hunter Stories Combat Guide – Attack Types, Counters and Combos, Combat Tips

Combat is a huge and integral part of Monster Hunter Stories and this Monster Hunter Stories Combat Guide will walk you through the process of how to combat monsters and in-game bosses efficiently. A lot of useful tips and tricks will be provided to you along the way so you do not have to waste your time learning all the little details which can change the outcome of a fight.

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Monster Hunter Stories Combat Guide

In our Monster Hunter Stories Combat Guide, we have discussed some of the combat tips and strategies that will help you win more fights and understand combat system in a better manner.

Monster Hunter Stories Combat

Understanding Attack Types and Counters

It is preferable to move and attack an enemy from the back as you can ambush them and get a few extra hits. Remember that you can initiate combat with any potential enemy unless it’s a boss or story battle which will happen on its own. Try to avoid being ambushed yourself as it will have the adverse effect!

Remember to be aware of the attack types of opposing Monsties so you can switch between the Monsties that you possess at your will. Your party usually consists of your main character, Monstie of choice, and you have a choice of 3 attacks i.e. Power, Speed, and Technical. Each of these has an advantage and disadvantage, therefore, remember that Speed beats Power, Power beats Technical, and Technical beats Speed.

Counter the Velocipreys Speed Attack with Technical. Other monsters like to mix things up such as the Yian Kut-Ku that usually uses Technical but occasionally Speed Attacks so you can use Technical Attacks as a safe way to combat. Try to notice patterns of attacks that your enemies use to be at your maximum in combat!

If you and your partner use a same Advantageous Attack against the opponent, it counts as a double attack to raise your kinship level and deal more damage. Attack an opponent with the Advantageous Attack 3 times to down them and leave the useless for a turn. This can also happen to you so watch out!

Monster Hunter Stories Combat Guide – Situations and Combos

Some battles require you to do a Special Action. A Power Clash will require you to tap the ‘A’ button constantly, whereas, the Air Showdown will require for you to tap the ‘L’ and ‘R’ buttons repeatedly, and lastly the Breath Blast requires you to rotate the circle pad. Winning these duels will deal extra damage and increase Kinship Meter. Here is a list of the Weapon Combos for you to use for each weapon:

  • Great Sword: Power-Power-Technical, Technical-Technical-Speed, and Speed-Speed-Power
  • Sword & Shield: Speed-Speed-Speed, Speed-Technical-Power, and Speed-Power-Technical
  • Hammer: Power-Power-Power, Power-Speed-Technical, and Power-Technical-Speed
  • Hunting Horn: Changes Depending on Weapon Melodies that you can Check in the Rider Menu during Battle

Monster Hunter Stories Combat Tips and Techniques

Remember that if you fill your Kinship Meter, you can ride your Monsties. You will lose some abilities but your attack and defense will be buffed. Successful attacks along with double attacks and special situations raise your Kinship Meter. Your Monstie’s special attack damage scales with your Kinship Meter as well so use this meter to your advantage to quickly wipe out enemies.

If enemies retreat when you beat them, a den’s location will appear on the map where you can go to steal their egg. Using a Paintball increases the chances of enemies retreating. Keep the items you want to use in battle such as Potions and Herbs in your Battle Pouch instead of general inventory, otherwise, you will not be able to use them. Lastly, use gear which matches your Monstie’s to trigger a synergy effect and deal huge amounts of damage and lower the cost of skills on your kinship gauge.

That is all we have for out Monster Hunter Stories Combat Guide. Let us know if we missed something in the comments section below!

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