Monster Hunter Stories Eggs Locations, Egg Patterns, Eggs Hatching Guide

Monster Hunter Stories Eggs Locations Guide to help you learn everything you need to Eggs, Egg Patterns, and Hatching Eggs in the game.

This Monster Hunter Stories Eggs Locations is all that you will need to get started on collecting eggs in Monster Hunter Stories, all the information about the various patterns, variants and weights will be provided to you so you do not have to waste your time familiarizing yourself with the plethora of information that can only be gleaned with time.

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Monster Hunter Stories Eggs Locations Guide

In this Monster Hunter Stories Eggs Locations Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about Hatching Eggs, Locating Eggs, and understanding Egg Patterns.

Monster Hunter Stories Eggs Locations

Weight Priority

  • Very Heavy
  • Heavy
  • Little bit Heavy
  • Normal
  • Little bit Light
  • Light
  • Very Light

The more bingo slots in an egg, the heavier is its weight:

Smell Priority

  • Very Nice Smell
  • Nice Smell
  • Smelly
  • Little bit Smelly
  • Doesn’t Smell

Nice smell has good bingos whereas no smell has basic bingos, determine the quality of the bingos to find out how it smells

Cave Atmosphere

  • Normal Vibes – Randomized Egg
  • Good Vibes – Chances of Getting a High Quality Egg are Higher than Normal
  • Dangerous – Chanced of Getting a High Quality Egg are Lower than Normal and may Vary According to Risk

Hatching Background

  • Yellow Background – Better Bingo Pattern than Blue
  • Blue Background – Normal Bingo Pattern

Tips and Tricks

Remember that Gold Caves give better rewards than silver caves who in turn give better rewards than the normal caves Red caves always give High-rank monster egg whereas Fixed Species cave give a specific egg. Fixed species monster caves appear when you beat monsters and they run away after battle A mark will appear on your map with the cave. Increase monster running away rate by using Paintballs before he dies You can also use the Rathian armor to do the same.

Find monsters easily by putting Qurupeco in your party and using him to summon a monster Move to another city to summon different monsters as Qurupeco depends on RNG and moving to a new city resets your RNG Alternatively, take a side quest which requires you to kill an uncommon monster.

Monster Hunter Stories Eggs and Egg Patterns

For a complete list of Eggs and Egg Patterns, you can head over to this link!

This is all we have in our Monster Hunter Stories Eggs Locations Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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