How to Get Tigrex in Monster Hunter Stories 2

Tigrex is likely the first Royal Monster you’ll come up against in Monster Hunter Stories 2. It can make a...

Tigrex is likely the first Royal Monster you’ll come up against in Monster Hunter Stories 2. It can make a strong ally, so getting your hands on its egg will serve you greatly in your future in-game adventures. Our guide below outlines the way you can get Tigrex in MH Stories 2.

How to Get Tigrex in Monster Hunter Stories 2

Royal Monsters are much more powerful than the regular monsters you fight, so normally, you should try to avoid facing them. However, in this case, since you’re farming for an egg of one such monster, you’ve got no choice but to fight it.

Tigrex resides in Alcala Highlands. Before you can think of acquiring its egg, you have to find it. Here are the three locations where you’re most likely to spot him.

Tigrex Locations

There are a total of three different locations where you can find Tigrex.

Location # 1

In the central part of the Alcala Highlands, right at the edge of the stream. You’ll find Tigerx taking a nap next to a huge rock. Get closer to it to prompt the fight.

Location # 2

The second point on the Alcala Highlands where you can find Tigrex is the peak of the Harzgai Rocky Hill. All you have to do is take the only route to the top of the hill, and at the end of it, you’ll find Tigerx, ready to lock horns!

Location # 3

Lastly, you can also check inside the Harzgai Rocky Hill. To get to the destination, you’ll have to enter the hill through the left exit. Keep proceeding ahead. In the end, you’ll come across an open space. Here, you’ll find either a Tigerx or Monoblos.

If it’s a Tigrex, approach it to initiate the fight. Otherwise, just look for him in either of the locations mentioned before.

How to Get a Tigrex Egg?

Now that you’ve located a Tigrex to farm its egg, you need to make the monster retreat to its hideout. Once that happens, you can follow it, and when you see it going to sleep, you can grab its egg and leave.

To make Tigrex retreat, you need to damage it as much as possible during the encounter. You can increase the Tigrex’s retreat rate by defeating it within three turns of using a Paint Ball.

Throwing a paintball and fulfilling the monster’s special requirements, such as attacking its head using a Great Sword after it sets off a Shock Trap, are some of the other things you can do to increase its retreat chances.

Keep in mind that the monstie must be targeting you with a Power Attack for the Shock Trap to work. Another option would be to use armor with the Den Protector skill or a monstie with a Den Protector gene.

As a result, you’ll eventually cause Tigrex to retreat and be able to get its egg.

Note that you’ll also come face to face with Tigrex once you unlock the fourth region of the game but as a regular Monster. That way, you’ll be able to obtain its eggs far more easily, but the catch is that you’ll have to wait until you reach that point in the game.

Royal Tigrex Strategy

Royal Tigrex attacks with Speed, its element is normal, and it is weak to thunder. This information about Royal Tigrex will help you form the best strategy to force it to retreat.

One crucial piece of information for you to keep in mind would be the fact that the Tigrex switches to Power Attacks after it becomes enraged.


The major weaknesses of Royal Tigrex include electricity and blunt attacks to the head.


The drops include Tigrex Scalem Wyvern Stone, Tigrex Claw, and Monster Bone (L)