Monster Hunter Stories 2 Royal Monster Locations Guide

In this guide we will discuss the locations of all the Royal Monsters in Monster Hunter Stories 2 and tell you how you can defeat and catch these beasts.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 has these tough monsters that are slumbering in each region called Royal Monsters. In this guide we will discuss the locations of all the Royal Monsters in Monster Hunter Stories 2 and tell you how you can defeat, grab the egg and catch each of these rare beasts.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Royal Monster Locations

You can think of Royal Monsters as a step up from the regular Monstie you’ll find in Monster Hunter Stories 2. You’ll see them napping carefree on the map but they’re actually quite fierce if awoken.

You can get a powerful Monstie egg if you succeed in defeating them so hunting them down is a good idea for your egg collection.

How to defeat and Catch Royal Monsters

Like other Monsters in Monster Hunter Stories, for making a Monstie out of these, you will need their egg. After getting their egg you have to hatch it for the Monstie. The only problem is that since royal monsters are rare you are not going to find their eggs easily.

To get Royal Monster Eggs, you have to make them retreat to their nests by defeating them. When they retreat to their nests you can follow them, and then you will find the egg you are looking for.

However, defeating them is not as easy as it seems. It is very difficult to defeat them on the first encounter. These monsters always sleep at a fixed point and don’t move much.

You will be notified by Naviro whenever you came close to a Royal Monster. So, if you want to add them to your party sooner you have to defeat them.

Defeating a Royal Monster

Royal Monsters are not that easy to beat so you have to come prepared. You will need to farm a lot for defeating them. They have a lot of attacks that can kill you in a single shot.

So how can you defeat them? The answer is simple, just like other monsters they have weaknesses as well. So, you have to look for the weakness and plan your strategy according to them.

The first thing you can do for defeating a Royal Monster is breaking its parts. Breaking these parts will prevent them from using some special techniques they have which can outclass you in no time.

After that second most important thing is throwing a Paintball before them. This will increase their retreat chance by a lot, so you have to do this as quickly as possible.

Break as many parts of them as you can and also try to complete the requirements needed because they will increase the chance of Royal Monsters retreating to their den significantly.

For example, for the Tigrex, the requirement is when it is staggered by a shock wave you have to break its head part with a Great Sword. Completing these types of requirements will increase the chances of retreating.

You can check the requirements for all the monsters from the Monsterpedia Page.

Following Royal Monsters

If you have done everything right and succeed in recreating the Royal Monster to its Den you just have to follow him for getting the egg. The Monster will lead you to its nest and you can grab the egg from there pretty easily. Now you will have a powerful Monstie at your party.

MH Stories 2 Royal Monster Locations

Now, as you know what Royal Monsters are and how you can defeat them, it’s time to tell you about all the Royal Monsters available in the Monster Hunter Stories 2 and their location as well.

You will find a total of six Royal Monsters in Monster Hunter Stories 2; they are as follows:


You will find Tigrex at about 3 locations, but the easiest one of all is at Harzgai Hill in the Inner Catavan Outpost. Reach that point and you will find Tigrex sleeping near Basarios Rocks. You can start the battle right away after locating Tigrex.


This monster can be found in a location close to the one where you find Tigrex. For this, when you are near the Harzgai Hill at the Inner Catavan Outpost, Just go in the west direction and after that then go towards the north side and you will eventually reach the Monoblos Royal Moster.


You will find this Royal Moster in Loloska. This Royal monster is pretty easy to find. You will find it right near the Woodland Catavan Outpost.


This one is also pretty easy to find. For that Monster, you have to go down from the mountain at Lavina Glacial Peaks Catavan Outpost. While going down from that snowy mountain you will find the Zinogre Royal Monster.

Brute Tigrex

You will find this Monster at Lamure. When you reach the Sadona Barrens Catavan Outpost you will find that monster sleeping right next to it. This one is clearly visible, and you wouldn’t have any trouble in finding that monster.

White Monoblos

This Monster can be found when you go to the Lamure Pit. From Jalma Highlands Catavan Outpost you have to head north, and you encounter that Royal Monster in your Way.

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