How to Defeat Qurupeco in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin

Qurupeco is a challenging bird wyvern in Monster Hunter Stories 2. We'll be showing you How to Defeat Qurupeco in Monster Hunter Stories 2

In this guide, we will take a look at how to defeat the Bird Wyvern Qurupeco in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin. We will discuss tips and tricks on how to take out this boss.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Qurupeco Boss

Qurupeco looks like a large bird having Pterosaur-like features. It has a fanged beak and feathery wings. It is almost lime green in color.

Qurupeco’s soft and brown chest that extends from the back of its head, opens up in the shape of a megaphone when calling to amplify its scream. The most noticeable feature of Qurupeco is the bright red vocal sac. It inflates when the creature is calling.

We will show you how to defeat MH Stories 2 Qurupeco Boss by detailing its abilities and how you can target its weaknesses.


Qurupeco’s Abilities

Qurupeco has a vocal mimicry ability. It uses this ability to summon aid from other different monsters. It can summon aid from Great Jaggi, Rathian, Royal Ludroth, Ludroth, Melynx, Jaggi, Rhenoplos, Barroth during the Hunter Killer Quest.

In higher rank quests Qurupeco can summon Diablos, Deviljho, and Rathalos as well. It can also call for help from any monster already in the area. Qurupeco also uses this ability to help the other monsters heal and boost their abilities.

The monster’s beak and flint-like wingtips can be broken to gain extra rewards. You can do this at the end of a quest to earn rewards like Strange Beak and Flintstone.

When Qurupeco’s vocal sac is inflated, it is vulnerable to loud noises. So, sonic boom and objects that explode can hinder some of the monster’s abilities, this leaves Qurupeco disoriented for a while.

Qurupeco can fly around battlefields and to other places as well. Thus, you cannot set up traps to catch it.

Qurupeco Boss Fight Tips

You have to prepare well before getting into a battle with Qurupeco. You will need to dodge the monster a lot during the battle, so to avoid being exhausted in the wrong spot make sure you max out your stamina.

Qurupeco changes its location a lot. Whenever the monster does so make sure you top up your health and stamina. You can also sharpen your weapon during this time.

The monster’s weakest areas are its head and neck. Head and neck areas are high so you will need to use corresponding attacks that can cause damage to these areas.

There is no use in hitting Qurupeco’s tail and wings. This will not cause any damage and you will lose your weapon’s sharpness.

If Qurupeco is knocked off its feet, then you should focus on hitting its head as that is the weakest part. This will cause great damage.

Qurupeco is swift and changes its place, again and again, you need to be very patient when fighting it. Your goal should not be to kill the monster as quickly as possible but to kill it without harming yourself. But you need to be quick when you try to interrupt Qurupeco’s calls.

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