Monster Hunter Stories 2 Attack Types and Weaknesses Guide

This Monster Hunter Stories 2 guide will be focused on the mechanics of Monster attack types and weaknesses along with details on how they work.

The combat in Monster Hunter Stories 2 uses a turn-based system where you play turns to perform attacks. This Monster Hunter Stories 2 guide will be focused on the mechanics of Monster attack types and weaknesses along with details on how they work, the Kinship Gauge, and Special attacks.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Attack Types and Weaknesses

There are three types of attacks on which the whole combat system of this game relies:

  • Power
  • Speed
  • Technical

You need to have information regarding your enemy on which type of attack they use. When you face an enemy in Head-to-Head attacks, your attack type has to dominate over the enemy’s attack type.

If you use the wrong attack type and fail against the enemy, the enemy will deal a powerful blow to you or your Monstie.

The cycle of attack types and their effects on each other work in the following ways:

  • Power defeats Technical
  • Technical defeats Speed
  • Speed defeats Power

Double Attacks

When you and your Monstie use the same attach type and win in the Head-to-Head situation, you will perform a Double Attack. Double Attack blows a deadly strike on your enemy that cancels out their powerful attack and leaves you unharmed from any damage.

It is crucial in a battle to win your Head-to-Head and choose the Monstie with the right attack type to perform a Double Attack.


Each monster in this game has its own attack type and weaknesses in its Initial and other states. Some of the monsters with their attack types and weaknesses in initial states have been listed below:

Monsters Attack Type Weakness
Anjanath Speed Piercing
Aptonoth Power Slash
Azuros Power Blunt
Apceros Power Blunt
Astalos Technical, Power (when in Electric Stance)
Bhanbara Technical Blunt
Bullfango Speed Slash
Bulldrome Power Slash
Blue Yian-Kut–Ku Technical Piercing
Basarios Technical Blunt
Barroth Speed
Black Diablos Power
Congalala Technical
Cephalos Power
Conga Power
Duramboros Power
Daimyo Hermitaur Technical
Diablos Power
Gargwa Speed Blunt
Great Jaggi Technical Slash
Great Baggi Technical
Gypceros Power
Gendrome Speed
Hermitaur Technical
Jade Barroth Power, Technical (when using Snow Mantle)
Jaggia Power Piercing
Jaggi Speed Slash
Kulu-Ya-Ku Technical Slash
Konchu Technical Blunt
Kecha Wacha Speed
Khezu Technical
Lagiacrus Power
Lagombi Speed
Legiana Speed
Ludroth Power Blunt
Larinoth Technical Slash
Monoblos Speed
Mizutsune Technical
Nargacuga Speed
Nerscylla Technical
Plesioth Technical
Paolumu Technical Blunt
Pukei-Pukei Technical Slash
Qurupeco Technical Blunt
Red Khezu Technical
Royal Ludroth Power Piercing
Shakalaka Technical
Slagtoth Power Slash
Tobi-Kadachi Speed
Tigrex Speed
Tetsucabra Power Piercing
Uragaan Power
Velocidrome Speed Slash
Velociprey Speed Slash
Yian Garuga Technical
Yian-Kut-Ku Technical Piercing
Zamite Technical
Zamtrios Speed

Kinship Gauge

When you attack your enemies, a blue meter next to your health known as Kinship Gauge starts to grow up. The more you attack the monsters, the more the meter keeps growing.

These Kinship Guage points are used when you perform one of the following:

  • Kinship Skill
  • Ride
  • Double Kinship
  • Rider Skills

The Kinship Gauge is also used to perform special attacks.

Special Attacks

The game allows you to perform special attacks using your Monsties and weapons. These special attacks deal extra damage to your opponents and are very helpful in combat.

A portion of your Kinship Gauge is needed to perform these attacks. Open the Monsties Combat Menu to see available special attacks that you can perform with your Monsties.